The Cycle of Opening Up

We have been looking at a single dream that was described in Self Healing and carried through in Part II and Part III. It’s worth delving into because it shows such a full view of the process. Where we left off we were talking about the act of taking a small step out of the delirium of the outer world, away from the illusion of life that we experience when we believe that the world revolves around us. It is then that things speed up internally, and we can actually handle much more in terms of higher energies than we could before.

John: So if you take a tiny step out of the bewilderment, it takes you out of the personal view of things where it seems that events in life are about you. That egocentric view is the smallest possible experience you can have of life – it’s incredibly limiting. The more you move away from that view, the more the universe can open up.

And in taking the tiny step away you get an inkling of the awe and majesty of life, and you become astounded by all that you don’t know. That opens up something and you are then able to give something back. That is the in-breath. That is the linkage of light rising up to light.

In this small way, what you have done is set in motion and defined, in one dream, the process and sequence of events, of the out-breath to the in-breath, down the chakras and up the chakras. You have defined a cycle of opening up and being able to catch up with the higher speed of what has been opened.

What is amazing is that what you gave back was insignificant – and you knew it was insignificant – it was $5. It was such a low number because deep down you realized how much more there is that you don’t know, suddenly revealed by having opened up this smallest of all connections. That is incredible dreaming, with all the little shifts.

The first shift was really hard to follow: Something was handed back to you that in the past would have been too much to handle – appearing as a cancer – and you were able to handle it. And all of a sudden you can experience all these dimensions of yourself.

But initially you took no responsibility – you were only visiting. Then all of a sudden, kaboom! You hit the launch pad and really speed up, now becoming able to do and say things that previously had not been possible. And you can even get beyond yourself and offer help into the general overallness. That is a very big step in speed.

It’s like a light bulb moment. Then from there it graduates to this tiny ability ($5) of being able to hand something back. It is as if the light rising up to touch the light is a labor, like everything in life results in producing a fruit or an end product. If you plant a seed in a garden, ultimately it results in a vegetable; that is the reason for having planted it and nurtured it – to be able to hand something back to itself. With the $5 you are doing that. And it is just the tiniest of beginnings that gets you to realize – it puts you in a state of awe.

Now you are working with the masculine energy, so that the masculine is not so overwhelming to you, and then you see how much you do not know and you are able to handle that which you do not know and you are able to handle it with a type of awe and majesty as you open up into more and more of a direct connection. That is an amazing journey, going from the delirium, to an inkling of inflection, then to a sense of fully honoring the awe and majesty of it all. That’s what makes the whole thing so exciting.

At the very end of the dream you describe the shift to the sister, which is some part of you that has been infected, in a good way, by this process. In other words, it is like leading by example. If there is some work to be done and everyone is standing around, you jump in and start to do it, and think nothing of it. And other people may seem surprised and say, “Do you see that?” And they can form their own opinion about whether this is something that makes sense or is right for them, but you are not doing it and at the same time shaking your finger at them in some judging way; you’re just doing it. When you have that openness and freedom inside, then others automatically catch on and plug in naturally. That ability to then relate to others and try to show them things causes your environment around you to catch on to that. That’s the way it should be and your sister is exemplifying that in your dream.

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