Catching Up Inside

Jeane: The dream I had early in the night felt like it was happening in one of those old areas that we saw in a movie recently – perhaps Turkey, or somewhere. I didn’t have a particular country, but it was like the streets were cobblestone and the buildings adobe. It seems to take place first inside and then outside a mosque-like building. I am a young man. I am asking questions about the dances or the ceremonies going on. There are two or three levels of movement going on in different rooms; people are moving or dancing or intermingling in some way as a group and I am trying to understand the ceremony or the movement.

There are two men, one who seems as if he would be more the leader and the other who is just a man who is behind me. We are having a dialogue. I am trying to both see and understand. When I am outside the building, there are things that I cannot see, but when I am inside it feels more like I am trying to understand. It is as though sometimes it is there and sometimes, whatever the ritual movement is, it is gone.

John: I have tried to describe how we use a characteristic and quality in life, because what is depicted in your dream is a type of movement and action that happens on the other side; well, we say it is the other side only because it requires another part of our being to appreciate it, in order to be with it. To begin with, the way this quality works is that you get a sense of something that is different from how you normally see yourself in terms of outer actions and conduct. It is something foreign, or at least unfamiliar, coming from inside you, and your dream sounds like you might be dealing with and working with something like that.

It is interesting that in your description of the dream, you see yourself as a man, but you are not depicting the masculine quality of being able to “hear” something from the imagery, you are instead “seeing” the movements.

This movement is something that is flowing through you, or perhaps just coming out of you, that you weren’t aware of as a part of yourself. In the dream you are identifying with your senses in a physical way (seeing the movement), but if you begin to identify or recognize this kind of flow, you’ll know that it comes from a higher-self quality of your nature. If you are quiet enough, in terms of normal perceptiveness in the way you carry yourself in your outer life, you’re able to recognize this flow, and it’s a flow that is always there, but that most people cannot recognize because they are too literal in their identification of things in the physical.

If you are quiet enough inside and recognize this energetic you’ll see it as a flow, and it has a type of consciousness that’s very quiet and silent, yet from which you will get hints or can hear things. How do you get the hint or hear these things? I’m not sure if it can be described in a way that makes sense to the literal mind. I find it amazing that a sound can wake a person up at night. Sometimes you actually hear what it was, but often you do not. But when you are awake I don’t know if it’s that literal; I think it’s more a matter of the way in which you can sense something or feel it your heart.

I think that you make it more literal by tuning in to how the breath automatically adjusts to it. Normally, when you sense some sort of flow or movement that is affecting you, you might sense it coming from a place other than your mind and ego. That might be your first sense, but if you watch yourself you will notice that your breath is changing in relationship to the way you are behaving in the outer.

It has caused me to see this quality of catching up as a type of stillness center – it’s like a listening center – and it’s a quality through which something inflects a little bit. It’s not really an inflection of sound, but an inflection vibrationally, and the vibration nudges you in terms of what is right and what is not right. You don’t seem to get that nudge in your dream, but when there is a flow of something inside your physical awareness, there is almost always this sense that speeds up and hints or guides inside the heart. It is a guidance that is easy to shut off because of mind chatter and because the ego is so involved in any movements in the outer world. Yet if you don’t shut it off, this other reality, this connection from within starts to emerge more and more all the time.

I am reaching into this a little bit knowing how the inner works, and how it’s always working to affect the outer, and that is what is attempting to take place in your dream.

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