Three Rooms

Today we continue the discussion of the dream we began in Catching Up Inside.

Jeane: You are right in a way, because I felt like in each room – there were three rooms I was able to either intuit or see – what was odd about the movement was that the people are moving more the way fish do, they are all one way and then when they change direction it seems to be signaled from one person somewhere in the group that might have been dressed slightly differently. But even though they were perfectly aligned and moving in a certain rhythm, they would suddenly shift to be moving in another way almost effortlessly as a total. Yet maybe there was something a little different about each of the three groups. But when they moved, you are right, it was a flow more like fish moved – going one way and then suddenly they have all shifted another way. You do not even see how it is done.

John: Well the fact that there are three rooms, or three aspects, is also important. You have not differentiated those three aspects, because for you it’s very much removed, as if looking at it from a distance. You have not caught up with the vibration behind it enough to pull out the fact that those three rooms or three aspects are like three beingnesses of your nature.

The way it can work in a dream is this: In the first room the way a person is, is quite ordinary. They are perhaps a bit of a watcher as a quality of one’s nature, but not a watcher (that’s about as good as it gets in the first room). Here one would tend to be thrown around by qualities and characteristics that occur in the outer plane. In the first room one is able to recognize a quieter side of themselves in which the mind ego is stopped.

Hopefully that happens (the ego is stopped), so that one can then aspire to the second room. The second room is where something seems to come from somewhere inside and through – like the will of god, or something. But in reality it is actually a consciousness that merges inside.

Then in the third room, the way one functions is that the consciousness that has awakened as part of the higher self is flowing from an innerness of one’s being. One is able to take that part and take the stillness of the first room (which is from an outer way, but quieted, pacified), and also take the second quality of an innerness which has awakened inside. It’s much like describing the outer as dense and somewhat animalistic, yet that does have a characteristic to hold a stillness, like a cat can at the mouse hole.

So then one has to realize that they have both of these aspects – both realities – going on simultaneously, the higher self within the lower self. And so one can have a reality that is going in the outer world that is more lost in the senses of the mind and the ego and on appearances, and one can also have something going on as an innerness that causes a particular flow that one can start to realize is influencing them in some manner.

In your particular dream, you don’t introduce any masculine element into it, which has to do with depicting it for what it is trying to suggest, or imply, or do, which the masculine always does. The third element, or room, is very interesting because it mirrors off of the combination of the first two, and it is the light body in one’s nature.

Now, if you don’t have this going on very well, it can also be the shadow of one’s nature. As a shadow it would be something that blocks out the light and stands in-between. But as a light body in your nature it would be attuning itself to carrying that which has come through as an innerness into you in as near a perfect way as possible. In other words, like a tuning fork, it would be looking at the second room aspect of yourself and trying to mirror that as much as possible. That would be the quality of taking it and living it into life.

In your dream you do not really see what I have described in the different rooms. What it takes for you to be able to see what I described is a kind of sensitivity that has to do with the pulling of something closer. The only way that I can describe that sensitivity is that it takes a type of longing, because really what you are describing (before it is over with) is a consciousness going into matter that is not even on the horizon in your dream yet.

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