First Nature

John: Yesterday I was describing, in the Three Rooms, three aspects of the “beingness” of a person’s nature, and I’ve personally been trying to gain more understanding of this concept as it comes to me though this dream work.

Basically, I am able to see three observable forces as existing inside. Actually, there aren’t three; there are two. The third is more like a resolution in the outer plane – the physical world – that is an acknowledgement of the inner presence that is making itself known. So it’s as if the third aspect is really a combination of the first two, with more of its attention placed on mirroring the inner plane into the outer world.

This inner presence that seeks to make itself known (in all of us), is a kind of inner dialogue that we are meant to listen to and to hear. Again, at a deep level of dreaming it is like a dialogue because there is a deeper mindfulness in your sleep, when the mind-ego senses are quieted. This mindfulness is not limited by the mind-ego, so it has a greater freedom in observing the intangible elements. It’s connection is more direct, and what it connects to can then manifest in the outer, in one’s physical beingness. And again, the physical beingness is just a caricature in a physical plane of existence. In order for the deeper, inner levels to affect it, that caricature, which is the first nature of a person, has to be quiet.

If a person is only aware of their outer surroundings, and that is their full frame of reference for life, these inner qualities remain in the background, blurred out.

So to try and describe these three qualities of one’s inner consciousness in terms of what it means to be human, it would be something like this:

The first aspect is the more physical nature, in which we find ourselves placed in creation, on this planet, having to cope with a million things going on. We bounce around. Our senses are our primary tools. The mind-ego takes in stimuli and does its best to cope with its environment. It seeks to have greater control over what it deems to be important. In this state of consciousness, the struggle is more about survival (even in this day and age). New variables are constantly sorted out, and even though we are unable to achieve a lasting satisfaction, we carry on with the belief that we are figuring it out little by little.

As we learn more, we become (ideally) more conscious and more responsible. We begin to function better and better according to the rules of the outer maze. To whatever degree that we are able to recognize that there is something about the physical world that we are not meant to overcome, which exists beyond our ability to comprehend, it is linked to the degree to which we embrace the concept of a separate god or creator. Again, all understood as being external to oneself.

But deep, deep inside there is also an echo that we are meant to catch up with, that gives us an inkling; it’s a kind of shadow effect. Something is flickering a wee bit, but only a wee bit because it is mostly drowned out by the million things in the outer.

That’s the first aspect.

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