Awakening the Lightbody

In describing these three aspects of beingness that can unfold during dreams, John has taken us through Three Rooms, First Nature, and Inner Voice. Today we see how each of these aspects is required and makes possible the next level, in this case the emergence of the lightbody.

John: I describe the third nature as a state of peacefulness because the consciousness is no longer at war with the million things going on in the outer. The sense of pressure, and the kind of bewilderment that goes with it, is able to subside. It has to do with recognizing the interrelation between the outer world and the inner self in terms of consciousness.

It’s actually a struggle for us to feel ourselves separate from creation – that alienation introduces stress into every aspect of our lives. So in the second nature that separateness begins to fall away, in spite of the initial resistance we talked about. That resistance can show up as overreactions that keep one dumbed-down, unable to notice and relate to what is going on within from a higher-self perspective.

It’s not easy to let go of the personal, egocentric opinions of the lower self. However, in sleep, the situation can be shifted, to the point of being able to affect the outer environment energetically. Again, in the second nature it’s as if you have the two correlated parts of yourself – the physical reality, lower self, and animal aspects, and the other part that’s there yet isn’t visible, because it’s more of a higher-self angelic, but still has some effect manifested as one’s moral compass or sense of ethics. Even so, the higher-self aspect is generally steered by the dense outer world, the sense of separateness, until one gets quiet enough inside to realize that there is much more to it than that.

And this is the point where the third quality comes into play, where one begins to respond to the inner voice instead of it sitting dormant, trying to inflect its way through. So to begin with, it comes across as a shadow in one’s nature that needs to be faced in order to get to the light behind it. That light behind it is the lightbody coming into focus, which is the reconciliation of the lower-self animal aspect with this higher-self inner angelic part (this is perhaps a way of saying it.)

This third quality of beingness is observant of itself functioning in the overall. In the second quality one sees oneself functioning in relationship to one’s being. In the third quality one tends to lose one’s sense of beingness and begins to see oneself functioning as something that is in the overall but, because it is not yet one and the same with the overall, it acts as a mirror reflection into the outer. This third quality, living in this inner reality, uses the consciousness of a higher self as a kind of inner listening center.

That’s why the first part of you is so important, and why you neither leave it nor transcend it: it has an ego quality to it which keeps the rootedness from which the second quality emerges. The combination of the two becomes the lightbody nature, which then has an effect, in terms of consciousness, in the outer.

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