Not So Itsy-Bitsy

Jeane: The very first dream I had, around 3am, I couldn’t pull out completely because it was so dominated by this huge spider. I was at my folk’s house; they were not there, so I went upstairs to my room. On first entering, it felt as though in the upper left hand corner of the right hand window was a large spider. It’s a really weird looking spider, very soft and black and orange and brown and fuzzy. It kind of oozes and grows in chain-like sections.

In a fairly brief period of time – whenever I look away from the spider – it grows from perhaps six inches to several feet in diameter, and it is growing down the window, so to speak. I go up and down stairs a few times and each time I return I look and see that the spider continues to get bigger. I don’t feel like it’s an aggressive spider, but the way that it grows by kind of oozing makes me anxious. At one point, as I’m trying to think of how to get rid of it, I suddenly have this thought that half the spider is on my leg, all the way from below my knee down to the floor and I’m trying to brush it off with something.

At this point I have gone back downstairs and my mother has returned home. I’m asking her advice. I don’t want her to go up in the room, but I think she may be able to tell me what to do since it keeps getting larger and spreading over to the other window. Whatever I did to make it land on my leg has not gotten rid of it.

Instead of giving me advice, my mom turns around and hands me a stack of magazines. I am hesitant to take them at first as I have been moving and trying to get rid of things. Then I look and see that there are a few Taoist Chi Kung magazines that have really beautiful covers: deep blue-green colors and very pretty pictures and artwork. So I am touched by that and realize that maybe I will read them.

I ask her again about the spider and she tells me that my sister would probably be good with the spider. Then the back door opens and I look out, and there is a sunny bright backyard and my sister is out there. This seems like a good idea: I go get my sister and she has a large room so we go there. But the spider is there and has oozed almost down to covering both sides of the windows. To me this is too large a spider. I’m about to make some comment to my sister – I’m standing back near the doorway – I turn around and somehow she and a little brother I didn’t know I had (who is standing right behind her) have walked over and she’s only a foot away from the spider, standing right next to it. I am saying to her, I think I should go get a broom, because this looks like a two-broom job. That’s when I wake up.

John will take us through this dream tomorrow, but for an interesting comparison, here’s another dream and analysis involving a spider and a chase sequence! The Spider (Part I), Part II, and Part III.

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