Free Parking

John: In this dream, I am invited over to visit a person in a new condo. I am expected, in fact, and you are with me. As I drive up, I am shocked to find an easy parking spot at the curb that is just big enough for the car. But something about this parking spot seems too obvious and easy; it doesn’t make sense that it is there. In any event, I park there because it looks like a parking lot and I cannot tell why it wouldn’t be.

We go up into the condo and I ask the owner if I parked okay. We walk over to the window of the high-rise building and look down to the spot in the outer parking area.  Now it all looks different. The space I’m in is no longer a corner spot behind a vehicle at the curb, but it’s like a great big open parking lot and there are no painted lines for spaces so no one has any way of knowing how to park in this large lot.

As I look down it seems to me as though I have found a creative way of doing it. In other words, everyone has parked at a particular angle and pointed in a particular direction, but I have found a space where I can put the vehicle in and can drive out without blocking anything. It works given the way the situation is set up; I am not creating any restrictions. As I am looking at this from above I am actually impressed. How did I do this? It is brilliant in some way but I was not aware that I had done it with such balance.

At the time I had thought that the spot was too easy, so my fear was that something else was wrong with it. But from above, looking down and being surprised by what I see, I am not blocking anyone and yet it’s different from the way other vehicles are parked. It looked brilliant the way it had all worked out; nothing that I possibly could have planned because there was no thought process. So I am astounded.

But the condo owner is so used to a particular way that is customarily followed, that he points out a spot further out in the parking lot where I would be able to be away from all other vehicles that might possibly be an issue in some way, shape, or form. His suggestion was a way to avoid a potential conflict that did not exist. He could not point out how there was anything wrong with the parking as it stood, only that it defied the usual expectations.

So I go down to satisfy the notion of being in line with the established norm. In other words, I have to do something with the car. You would have thought that I would just follow his guidance and put it out in the big open lot area, but the dream switches a little bit and that is not what I am doing. I seem to be taking the car into underground parking.

The first underground lot is packed; there are no spots. A helpful woman attendant suggests a place in another underground area that she can show me that has plenty of spaces available. I am not familiar with any of this so I follow her lead. I have to wait for her to take me over because this is a reserve area, not readily available, and it requires her guidance to get there.

So this dream is showing that appearances can be deceiving, and that anything that’s visible is defining in some way or other; that’s just how life is. Even if I have come up with something unexpectedly brilliant, which defies usual expectations, it doesn’t mean there isn’t something more to be revealed.

This raises an important idea, though, one that I’d like to explore further. We’ll get deeper into it tomorrow.

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