Unlimiting Consciousness

In these times it seems more appropriate than ever to stay open to the unknown, yet the stresses of daily life tend to trigger our established patterns as a “safe haven” way of dealing with our reality. It turns out those reactive patterns are exactly what we shouldn’t be doing as they minimize the possibilities in our lives (see what led us into this discussion at Free Parking).

John: So my dream brought out this paradigm, showing how we all develop particular mannerisms by which we carry ourselves that create an agreement with the world around us. It wouldn’t be going too far to say,“OK, this external reality is real because the mannerisms that I carry cause the agreement-world to shape up in front of me.” For example we were driving recently, and with the slightest bit of attention it seemed as though all of the cars got out of our way, and all the spaces opened themselves up. It was very easy to drive in a fluid way. Then, when we returned home it was very difficult to drive, none of the spaces were opening up, everything was awkward, and the road seemed more packed than it really was. We went from one extreme to another.

It would be easy to conclude from the appearances of what occurred in the first instance, that something had a synchronicity and way of being that was more real. But appearances are deceiving. That moment can change, as it did when we came back. So one needs to stay attentive to all forms of guidance. That way a person can see beyond the appearance, which leads us to the question “What are appearances?” One way to say it is this: appearances are past, present, and future.

We have an idea of the past. We also have a way of sorting and taking a measure of what’s going on in the present, and we have some sort of projection about how things will look in the near future. But we have to get beyond all that. Life needs to have another octave at this time. Appearances tend to dictate, and that’s causing too much confinement. Confinement chokes the natural closeness out of life. By closeness I mean the deep interconnectedness of life.

Appearances can be correlated to patterns from the past, and they usually manifest in an unconscious way. Which means that appearances also affect the way future events are seen to unfold. All three aspects of appearance  – past, present, and future – limit consciousness. Each of the three aspects presupposes an opinion or a view of things that can ultimately shape the way things turn out. This has to do with the way the ego still flickers in the background.

What is needed is an approach that is guided – but with no preconceptions. It requires being receptive to finding oneself where one has never been before, in the unknown, and not trying to label it or attach old preconceptions to it. And it requires being fluid enough to shift to another space that’s not knowable in advance. Spontaneity and wonderment is supposed to be the magical norm of human life. That way one can access a higher speed that defies the denser limitations of the brain, body, and ego.

This expression, or this way of “being there,” however you want to say it, originates and comes from the subtler vibrations that are not graspable when we are anchored in the denseness of the more linear brain, body, and ego. The inclusive vibrations of the whole are able to take everything in, and they do this in a moment-by-moment way that is quite natural. They can do it because there is an attunement that exists between the universal energetic mind and the breath from the heart. The heart then has access energetically to everything in creation.

So that is where we want to be, living with a heart that’s in harmony with everything in creation at every moment. When your heart is like that, there is nothing going on. What appears to us to be going on has to do with perceived notions based on a limited comprehension of the past, present, and future. When these preconceptions are removed, there is nothing to do or to be. That may seem next to impossible: human beings are creatures of action who need the external appearances in order to function. To just be is deemed insane because we seem unstable without our incessant interaction with illusory appearances. Yet just being is a guided state that humans should aspire to on this planet.

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