Adding Complexity

Jeane: So this dream was really hard for me to pull out. In this dream, I am working as a therapist and I seem to work in an office that is more like an old house. My office is the living room of that house. It has bare wood on the floor and not a lot of furniture. Before I see one of my clients, a supervisor comes in with a young woman who is a student. She is going to work with me on a certain number of cases as part of an internship. She seems really eager. She’s a brunette and is holding out a sheet of paper with the days of the week on it. Between the two of us we fill out almost all the days on the paper, but the supervisor will only let her select a certain number days to work. He sets a limit but I sense that both she and I would be willing to take even more.

Then she seems to be gone and I don’t see her again in the dream. A couple comes in to see me and they are the last clients of the day. You can tell that the wife has insisted that the husband come because in the first session they are not disclosing much. I wonder if they will even return.

The couple does come back for a second session, but this time they bring another couple with them. I think they all work at the same place. They are so close that sometimes it feels like when the shift ends, the wife goes over and stays at the other couples’ house. She stays with the other man’s wife until the man gets home from his shift so that she is not alone.

I find it unusual that they brought another couple in because by the time one talks to the new couple about what is happening, the first couple has not had much time and it feels like they have barely begun to open up about any of the issues.

They all leave and the next session only the first couple has returned. One of the things they are interested in doing together is Tai Chi, and I happen to know that there’s a Tai Chi class at a church. The wife is more interested in either getting a teacher or a workout DVD so they can do their workout in my office after their session. I am not sure initially if that can work so I am suggesting the church option. But the wife is very attached to it being done in my office. I am trying to figure out if I have a big enough video screen, so that maybe they could.

Then I had a dialog with one of them about what the issue was, but that was part of the dream I lost.

John: One aspect of this dream to look at is the way in which the story unfolds. First consider that all of the imagery (office etc) and people involved are a part of your beingness, as portrayed in the dream. So how does the dream unfold?

From the first images what is portrayed is something that is emerging, or awakening slowly. You see yourself in a house that has bare floors and little furniture and then it progresses. An effect emerges showing that there are separations that exist, so you then have to support the feminine side of yourself until it doesn’t feel so alone, shown by the helpful intern. Slowly, the masculine comes back into existence in the form of the husbands from the two couples.

Ultimately this process seems confusing to you because part of you feels things should be kept separate: how can the two couples make progress in your sessions? But what they are showing are the addition of more and more components that involve a type of pairing up (masculine and feminine) or identification, when from your perspective you still see the process as expanding. When one wife had to be supported when her husband was gone by going to the other couples’ home, you are wondering how all these additions can work together. So the question is whether this is going to create confusion.

We’ll follow this thread further in tomorrow’s post.

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