Excess Baggage

John: I am traveling to a place and seem to be by myself. I am stopped along a road and my luggage is in the back of a vehicle. I have forgotten the first part of this dream, so I’m picking it up at this point (I do remember the first part later). There is other luggage in the vehicle, but there is no one around but me. Whether it is a bus or a van, I’m not quite sure. The other passengers have gone somewhere and I am the only one here, wondering what to do next.


Suddenly, I see jets flying overhead doing amazing maneuvers in the sky. I realize that these are the new-fangled planes that can fly with incredible precision. Then, all of a sudden a group of parachutists begin descending from the planes. I thought they were fighter planes, but parachutists are coming out and I am stunned that they have chosen this particular spot for their maneuvers. They land very close to where I am and cross the road because they are proceeding on to the river to do whatever is next.


My bag seems to be in the way. It is in the vehicle and the next thing I know my bag is getting jostled because they are setting their things down. So I take it but realize they might react if I start to leave because who is to say that I’m not stealing that bag? I have that thought, but nevertheless the bag has rollers on it so I just start walking. I can hardly lift the bag it is so heavy, but I can roll it.


The road immediately comes to a huge hill. I can barely climb this steep hill let alone pull the bag. When I reach the top it’s like I’m in a different place and I see a student, somewhat exasperated, being teased by a woman. The student is not doing well with a particular teacher and the woman is telling him he doesn’t have to put up with it and he can leave. The teacher they are talking about is the person I have come to see. I ask, “Where is she?” The woman identifies the building, but I don’t need to know that. I’m asking where the classroom is, so this woman tells me. This is where the dream ends but all of a sudden I flash back to the first part of the dream.


At the beginning, I am being held against my will by three people. I am in the backseat and kept in the middle so I can’t escape; I tried to escape before but it failed. Now I am being watched closely. The vehicle has stopped for the night and the two guys are trying to sleep. I’m in the middle and one of them makes sure he has a hand on me at all times so that I don’t try to jump out the door or anything like that. But somehow, because he is snoring and everything is chaotic, I am able to get over the top of him and lay on the ground outside of the car and he is just conscious enough that he can keep a hand on me so I do not try to escape.


What happens next isn’t clear– whether my captors simply left me there or whatever, I don’t know. And I don’t know how I shifted into the next scenario where I’m by myself. All I know is that there’s no reason why the captors would let me go, but something did soften the situation and it occurred when the woman, who’s in charge, was sitting off to one side kind of downtrodden about something and I said how I understood what she was going through. I spoke to her and this somehow changed the attitude of my detention. Somehow I automatically understood what she was going through and out of the blue gave her a hug. The hug and that knowingness melted the reason for holding me. She was the boss of those holding me so whatever she said was what happened.


When I gave her a hug, I had the distinct feeling that this broke through and released whatever bondage I was being held under. Yet there was also, off to one side, a feminine watcher presence that was observing this. I knew I had released the “chains” that held me captive by the way the mood changed and something else came in.

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