The Lost Art

John: What the Excess Baggage dream shows is that when you carry a mood or a tone, rather than an ability to connect to something as a natural flow, that mood or tone changes you. It keeps you imprisoned by how you are feeling inside yourself, because however you are feeling, in any way, shape, or form, is a type of prison. It’s a type of bondage. A human being can be free from all of that, yet for many reasons we look for it. We look to imprison ourselves because that gives us a sense of security. But when we do that we keep ourselves from being able to access these deeper levels inside.


The way I wrote up the meaning of it was this: To begin with, you have to break free from that which oppresses. The oppressive condition is a function of control and attitude. When that control and attitude are released, the flow from within can be accessed. That is when grounding with purpose can occur. For me, I am able to go straight to where I need to go when I do this – to where I need to be, and there is no distraction that can get in the way when the conditions like that are right. (In other words, when you are connecting inside, that is when this thing picks up speed.)


So in the next dream, I am in a country where the existing forces are happy with the current state of affairs, meaning the way things are working out in the country. They have control over everything. I reside in the area where the existing forces predominate. Reactive forces in a particular province in the country are being ignored by the government and by its existing forces. Secretly I support these reactive forces and know that the government’s failure or lack of foresight to crack down is going to turn out to be a big mistake for them. These reactive forces are for real and they are about to get much stronger. Eventually there will be no way to stop them from bringing about a change.


So this is an interesting short little dream. It is portraying the dynamics that extend through me into life. An interesting way to look at it is to see it on a microcosmic level. The denseness of things is losing out as inner forces are getting stronger and stronger and eventually they will take over and then switch to the outer. On an outer level there is a change afoot, happening beneath the radar screen of the powers that be, that ultimately will become a movement that will prevail. Currently, it is noticed but no energy is being expended to put an end to it. It isn’t taken seriously.

In this last dream, I am shown an incomplete book that describes the effort of a long, lost culture that used to identify with the inner world. Although this culture is not something I am currently familiar with, I am told that I would appreciate what they went through to sustain their understanding of this tradition. I have a book that describes their attention in this area, but the chapters in the book that describe how this is meaningful for them are missing, they are torn out. The book ends with just the description that they recognize the importance of this process.

So the meaning is that the process of the inner affecting the outer is an ancient understanding whose meaningfulness has been lost. All that remains are vague references; the importance, process, and meaningfulness are no longer accessible. In other words, there are no accounts from the past that clearly lay this out. All of those accounts have somehow disappeared.

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