Speed of Change

Jeane: I have returned to the office where I used to work. When I left, there was at least one new client I had started working with and I may not have had everything set up in a file. I expected the agency to do that when I left, so the client would be recorded. I’ve come back to visit, and I’m in an outer room where there’s a table. There’s a person working there and I sit down for a bit. I ask a question about one of the clients. When that person gets up and leaves and I look around the desk, I realize they never created a folder for the person I’ve asked about. I have a sense that maybe the client has gone downtown and is receiving services there, but they should have had the choice of getting services here also. I wonder if that means that folders weren’t set up for other people also.

So I sit down and start doing some work. I begin to put together the folder even though I no longer work there. I was feeling a little odd about that when the supervisor comes into the room. They seem willing to walk around and have me do the work as though I still work there. I should just trust how people go about getting their own services. Still, it bothered me that the folder hadn’t been set up, because that could mean others had been neglected as well.

John: Excellent dream, and it’s similar to a dream of mine in terms of how you take responsibility for a particular quality that has fallen into your lap in terms of the whole. Because at the highest level the inner and the outer basically reflect each other (at least in the state of Nirvana), you, at a lower level, or shall we say a dream level, see an outer scenario as a dream in which something is amiss. And what is amiss is that your life has suddenly changed abruptly, or at least the way it has changed leaves an indication that some business was left incomplete in terms of how it was handled. Of course you’re dreaming this as if you’re surprised to see that it’s like that. You’re assuming that everyone should know how the system is meant to work and now that you’ve moved on and away from that, you naturally assume that the other workers understood something as basic and as common sense as the paperwork process.

But then again, that’s you looking at it from a personal sense of the dream flow. From an overall sense of life, it indicates that you actually don’t let go of anything in terms of your overall consciousness. When you have an awareness regarding something, your responsibility doesn’t go away when you shift and change  – at least in terms of the way that you handle the consciousness of the overall. It just expands in terms of its responsibility. So you see yourself as having to come back and address this greater dynamic aspect of a functionality of life. Now, is it a greater dynamic? Well, it’s a dynamic that was taken on by a part of you that had previously conducted itself in a grounded way, and now you have expanded your horizons. Does that mean you no longer have this sort of grounded responsibility?

Your dream suggests you can’t ignore that and yes, you do still have some responsibility because you sense that if something is amiss in one aspect, it’s apt to be amiss in the entire system. And to you, that is reprehensible. You have an inner ethics that you have adopted and carry and can’t ignore; it’s part of your dream and your greater responsibility.

To have a dream like this is to show you a dynamic of the heart. Our tendency in the outer is to assume that things go along and changes happen, and we take them in a ho-hum way. We often don’t realize that some of these changes, even though they appear to happen in a fairly confined way, can have huge, huge effects upon a greater wholeness. Your dream is intended to show that you can’t leave anything behind. You are situated in life to have an effect in a very specific way. When you change the effect that you once had, that was important and necessary, it stays and continues to stay in terms of an energetic of your being. You’re being then just stretches and expands out and realizes a greater part of who you are simultaneously.

It’s a misconception to think that when one grows they can completely drop where they have been. It can be true if what had existed was meant to fall away or if something is meant to change in the universe and you are just shifting accordingly, rather naturally. However, if you’re in a universe in which that takes time to happen and it instead changes abruptly, you still have a role as a facilitator to help it graciously come into balance. So that was your dream.

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