One Fell Swoop

John: My dream was similar except I took on a different set of dynamics. I tend to look at the detail and the clumsiness and awkwardness of a situation or circumstance, and I sometimes miss how those aspects can have dramatic effect on life. I’m inclined, when the dream has personal imagery to it, to think that one’s just trying to get to the bottom of how some aspect within needs to unfold. It’s usually something that needs to occur in a particular way, and all my attention is poised on that; I tend not to think of its overall consequential effect.

Where your dream (Speed of Change) dealt with an overall sense of responsibility remaining after something shifted, in mine the detail of events that lead up to the shift have shocked me and are too much to take in when something suddenly opens up in such an overall way.

So I am a witness in a court case in which the defendant’s actions seem to reflect professional conduct concerning the business. That is what the defense is presenting, but there is limited testimony and the defendant has made denials that confuse the overall picture. The evidence supports the action taken as being appropriate to the overall, yet the prosecution is portraying a much more limited and stifled view.

The evidence that I present deals with certain specific issues of misconduct. The response the defendant provides is not sufficient to establish a rational case because they are not providing any evidence. The issue is that whenever you deal with the big picture, you’re required to bring everything to the table. This blows the issue wide open and, once blown open, all the entrenched views fall away and you end up with two effects for all to see.

The first is that the air gets cleared of the repressed sensation. Second, and more importantly, is the abrupt change that happens when things are unleashed that have been repressed for so long. This shock is actually hard on the heart. It can be almost unbearable when one has been accustomed to living in this condensed way.

So I notice this energetic effect upon myself as the case is blown wide open for all to see. It was because of such a dramatic energetic change that I had to put my hand over my heart – I was stretched to the limit of what I could take. The implication is that human beings have defense mechanisms that shield them from having to experience more than they are accustomed to handling. When things change too abruptly, it is a shock to the heart. This dream is looking energetically at the physical reaction that occurs.

The importance of the dream has to do with recognizing how barriers become so conditioned in life that when they fall away, we can be unprepared. If I hadn’t experienced it in the dream, I would have found this difficult to fathom. But now that I have experienced the effect of going from overly contracted to wide open, I can see how the impact can be too much for the heart to absorb.

Because I represent all of life in the essence of my greater beingness, I am compelled to ponder this effect. Why is it such a dramatic thing when it occurs in life? It shouldn’t be that way. Yet apparently this is how it is when there are conditions of denial or personal excess so extreme that an important aspect of feeling is unnaturally shut off. The condition can get fixed only when it has built up to a point where change has to occur, and that change can occur very abruptly.

It shows the importance of a gradual process of awakening and of providing a safe container in oneself to absorb the effect little by little as the onion is peeled. That’s not possible in some cases, and perhaps isn’t possible in terms of the speed at which life is changing in the world now. Because the opening up will have a dramatic effect upon our collective outer awareness, the heart is going to have to adjust abruptly. This is apt to be too much for some. My natural inner connection to the overall is picking up on this, and for that reason I am clutching my heart. The coming changes may be too much to take in, in one fell swoop.

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