Jeane: I’m in Alaska and I’ve been going around with another woman just doing things in the snow. I’ve been free and haven’t worked for a couple of years. I’m in Alaska partly for a job interview, and I seem to feel like this other woman and I will get jobs. We will actually share the job with a third woman who would be a supervisor. The third woman will be interviewing us; she is coming to meet us. She runs a tavern that’s off the ground a bit. Because this is Alaska, the tavern is up in a tower.

One of the two of us (it’s hard sometimes because I seem to switch between being the observer and being one of the participants) has been making something for the job interviewer. We have taken leather to form a hand and created something that’s almost like a glove that fits over it, but it’s a glove with the fingertips cut off; it’s hardened leather and it even had a ring on it. It looked really ancient. I have the impression my friend made it, but at another point in the dream it seems like we had gone to some ancient cavern under ground and found it. It was unclear because during the job interview, it’s given to her as an aside.

As she interviews us for the job, she wants to know if I can handle Alaska and I’m reporting to her that I’ve been out there hiking around, staying up during the long nights, and I really love it. I’ve been doing things on sleds and other outdoor activities, that in my outer life I don’t do at all. She seems like a real perfectionist, the one that’s interviewing us, but my friend and I are also perfectionists just not quite as much as she. I’m hurrying right after the job interview because I will have to go home before the job would start, assuming we’re hired.

I’m thinking about the glove that was given to her. I’m thinking about how she’s even more of a perfectionist than we are and then as I’m hurrying to tidy up the room, it feels like I have a purse that actually has a light in it. I put it in the cupboard that has a plug-in so that the light stays on in the purse – it’s a boxy purse and it’s like I’m not packing it to take it with me. Then as I go out the door, I’m suddenly thinking more like my awakened self and I’m thinking I told her I really loved all these things one does outdoors in Alaska, but in my waking life that’s not what I do, so that’s kind of perplexing me when I wake up.

John: This dream takes what you were contending with in your first dream of the night (Speed of Change), where you could not leave a level of responsibility behind because it is an aspect of you, and progresses it. It’s as though there’s a transition occurring in you toward something new, something else that you’re going to have to take on. This new aspect is also a part of who you are, but very deep within. You are getting closer to that deeper place because you’ve already done the initial things to orient yourself.

In other words, you’ve been in Alaska, acclimating yourself to your surroundings in preparation for an upcoming change – the new job. You are essentially building up to a point of abrupt change by establishing familiarity with what Alaska is all about. It’s almost like you’re in training, so to speak, even though you don’t fully realize it. You’re getting the initial implications, but it will be much more dramatic when it fully shifts into place.

So you’ve already taken these steps toward it, and you know that the job is likely going to happen. You’ve checked out what this new environment is like. Then you take a step back, and recognize that on a personal level, this is not necessarily what you would choose, i.e., hiking and sledding, etc. That’s not really your style. It’s the only hint given – a grounding type of hint – to cause you to recognize energetically what you are gravitating toward. When you have that step back you say, well ordinarily this is not what I do. You’ve been creeping up on it to the point where you’ve forgotten what that might really mean, so you take a glance backwards, setting in motion the decision as well.

In other words, it was a gradual unfolding before, and now, after you’ve taken that glance back, it creates the snapshot. Instead of something gradually and naturally unfolding, this creates a snapshot so that you can have the contrast between the two places, and that’s what makes the dream interesting and dramatic in terms of getting the understanding across.

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