Full Speed Ahead

John: At the start of your dream (Nuclear Fallout) we see you following the issue of your senses, represented by the horses. And the big dog at the end of the dream is the friend, which is the innerness in its fullest manifestation that makes it through everything that happens. What happens between those two images is the speeding up, which has the potential of being totally destructive on a denser level, yet on a higher consciousness level can create a coming together – in which there are no barriers of separation.

But you start off with the horses representing an aspect of the senses and how they move freely, but we also see them getting into the swim of life and working in cohesion. The senses can actually work as a type of unity, as a type of oneness. But you do not quite perceive that, you are just seeing that possibility – that image.

The problem is that you are still overwhelmed by the actual images that exist in life. When you go to the rich man’s house – someone who has extricated himself from how things actually are for everybody else – you have an image of him being separate from everyone else. It’s an old image for you. An image where, if things actually worked like that, there would be an “us and them” mentality.

The nuclear fallout shows something that speeds up to a point where matter takes on a dangerous quality for humanity. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It can actually be of a type of mannerism in which the nuclear effect is transformed into images. It is matter speeding up into images, and the new images are the new reality. The opposite is for the matter to implode on itself, leaving everything still separate.

The way the interaction works is that what you pull out of matter shouldn’t completely obliterate itself. It’s like if you actually saw the pure light, the pure light would then create the nuclear explosion that would blow matter into smithereens (blow it into pieces). In the real world a nuclear explosion would do the same thing. And all of that happens if you continue to perceive everything as separate.

And your perception sees things as “this over here, versus that over there.” A part of you is fighting that – I mean you are trying to work together with others in terms of dealing with what is coming (i.e., helping to make the sandwiches). And another part of you knows that you are supposed to be free from all of that – you even go out on a roof as opposed to staying in a place of safety. Because you know that there isn’t a separate inner realm and way of being that takes you away from everything. Because as in the inner, so in the outer.

But this dream actually gives new information, too. As long as we see things separately, the catastrophe has to exist on a level in which it effects and impacts everybody – each in their own separate capacity to perceive things. But if we can get to the point where we perceive everything as part of ourselves – where we can always catch up with and go the speed of – then whatever breaks down and happens is just a release of images; that’s what they are.

Now what are those images? They are a revelation of what is meant to be. If humanity cannot catch up with these images and continues to see everything as separate, then humanity is going to have to be blown to smithereens, because that will be its experience. But if humanity can catch up with the images as they speed up, then it can recognize and realize the world of light.

The physical is held together as a plane, in which things are slowed down because they are housed in a domain of sound. When something is housed in a plane of light, at the actual level of pure light, it’s only images. Well, actually that’s not quite true, either. There are no images, it’s just experience. But in order for god or the creator to see himself, there are images. And the images slow way, way, way down as creation becomes matter. So the human being has the ability to catch up with the images at the fast, fast speed.

What we see and experience in the outer are the so-called “dead images,” because they are based upon duality and separation, and very slowed down. When you speed that up then you can have the experience of new images. And things are speeding up because something is changing into a new reality and a new civilization.
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Nuclear Fallout

Jeane: I am with a man and it seems we have traveled away from a house. We are going out to see things and, however we travel, we seem to move along really fast. I feel as though we’re skimming above the ground, and I don’t know if we’re in a vehicle or not. I go by an orchard and see some very pretty dappled gray Arabian horses.

Then it seems like we’ve turned and gone over to a new orchard where I see a herd of horses running or, perhaps, swimming as part of a race. It’s just the horses, no riders. They go through a swimming pool and they are racing. The swimming pool is out in the general landscape.

The man I am with is communicating to me about how hard it would be to ride the horses while they bump against each other in the swimming pool. He wants to know if I can ride and I even have the sensation that I am riding a horse that jumps the fence. I don’t really know if I did, but we are moving really fast over the landscape observing a lot of things like this.

Then we come to an area where I think we’re more in the city and we have stopped for a moment to visit a friend of his who lives in a house that goes straight up. We go up to the penthouse – he has a key to his friend’s house. He runs into his friend who is very wealthy and has built a bit of a fortress. His friend picked up a foreign girl the night before and he is very preoccupied with her and they disappear together. I am looking around the house and then we go out.

The landscape has changed to canyon-type country with city-like structures. I become aware that there is going to be some kind of nuclear event, with the explosion and the fallout coming. We only have a limited amount of time. I think there is no place to go, but I end up in an area where men are building with concrete.

We find a group of people who are aware of what’s going to happen. Rather than being fatalistic about it, they have begun to put together some sandwiches. I start talking to them about finding a refrigerator that people could be near. There may be enough shelter here. I go over and help them make the last of the sandwiches and then talk with them about where we put the water – asking if they are conserving it or not. I’m also telling them not to stand next to the windows, but now and then I look out.

At some point someone says it’s coming because there is stuff falling in the air, something that looks like ash. Later I go to a front window and I see that it’s really starting to fall. I urge people to go to the center of the building where there is some protection and to stay away from the windows and to keep the kids nearby.

It doesn’t seem as though there was a big blast that would have blown out the windows. I have the sense that everybody will get radiation, but maybe not. We do the best we can. I go out to see if there were any workers who made it through.

Then I’m back at the building where the rich man lives and we’ve taken the rest of the people there also. The building has been fortified. There is even a fallout room where the friend might still be with the girl.

I go up to the roof so I can look out over the valley. I can see that there is a layer of radioactive dirt over everything. As I’m standing there, a small drone comes through the sky. It’s about one-foot across and it has little wings and an eye painted on it. It sees me and keeps circling around my head. It won’t do anything except follow me no matter how I try to push it away. Finally my friend comes over with a woven bag and I put the drone in the bag.

I keep the bag with me because I’m not sure if I want the drone flying back to the government or whoever sent it. I’m not sure what it means, but since it won’t do anything but follow me at least I have it in a bag where I have covered up its eye.

Right near the end of the dream I run into this big brown dog that somehow made it through everything. I stop, lean down, and scratch the dog.
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The Fall

John: Now there’s another way we can look at your dream (see The Manuscript and Hiding in Plain Sight). In it you’re acting like there are certain little things that need to happen, but a part of you knows better than that. There’s the symbolism of the office, and the author is a depiction of a type of wealth – books, universal wisdom, or however you want to look at it. The wealth of that aspect is opening up, but it can be grounded just as quickly. At some point earlier for you, this energy was opened up but it didn’t go into your life in the right way, so it had to be shut off because otherwise it was an abuse.

There’s a very interesting way of looking at this type of abuse, or misuse. For example, when Adam ate of the Tree of Knowledge, he was banished from Paradise. In the end, it was said that this was part of the Will of God, because what was important was that Adam become God’s deputy on earth. Adam wasn’t meant to sit in Paradise. So in a sense he had to screw up so that he then could be on earth, yet still have the deputy quality inside. And so his journey back to God is one of redemption, surrender, and forgiveness; turning towards the real all over again. That would not have been possible had he stayed in Paradise.


That’s why it’s said that the closer, and higher, you get to a particular quality of realization inside, if you misstep, the devastation of the fall is that much greater. At the same time, the devastation of the fall, and the veils that come with it, are all part of a greater plan and understanding. As you then work your way back, however long it takes, to where you had fallen off the pinnacle, you then bring in more gravity, more clarity, and more appreciation. You take on an expanded or evolved role. That’s the development journey.

So that’s the flip side of the setbacks that take place. Each one causes you to build a more refined and stable overall beingness, which has the quality of, and relates to, a very deep thought – man being just a thought of God in its truest essence – that then works with all other thoughts or onenesses without deviation. Whatever it takes to create that appreciation and awareness is what tends to happen.

In Adam’s particular case, he felt guilty and he grieved. He slunk around as if he could actually hide himself from God. He went through all kinds of gyrations that did nothing to help his predicament, and for long periods of time it actually made the situation denser, until he finally reached a turning point where he could find forgiveness.

Of course, this process was very confusing because nothing like it had ever been seen before. Before this, the angels were in a singing-the-glory-and-praises modality. Then they were tasked with service toward man, to bow before man. Adam is walking around, an abomination, and yet the angels were supposed to recognize that there’s something more going on even though they didn’t understand it.

It takes a long time before it can be recognized that something more is to emerge as a result. If you look at it from the angelic standpoint, it could look like Satan won the battle. But no! Satan only has a role to play as part of this whole thing. And Satan can more perfectly play the role because he too is linked to Creation, because his roots are in the high plateaus of Creation. So he can be effective in a way that the angels can’t. He can be a worthy opponent against man, giving man something to stretch against as part of opening up this greater dimension. The stretching and the struggle can cause man to take on more of the deputy role.

So that’s kind of an overview of the whole thing. The same pattern exists when you are coming back to this huge inner dimension of yourself: you fell, and now you have worked your way back and are ready to assume the mantle again. We even experience this process as simply as when we’re walking around and we’re perturbed or dense about something and we can’t shake it off, and then suddenly we’re feeling gleeful and happy because we can sense that we’re very close to something, you know, on the verge of breaking through.

This is the territory your dream is playing in.