Unfinished Interiors

Jeane: I had a little mini dream. My impression is that I am still living at my parent’s house (but I think about it more as mom’s house). I have gotten a white cabin cruiser. It is an impeccable little boat, and I think I acquired it because the person who had it never paid their taxes on it. I am going to take the boat out. However, the previous owner is in a rage and he is going to prevent me. He kept it in really pristine condition and the fact that someone else is going to go out and use it just has him in a rage.

John: You are using this image to describe, vibrationally, an aspect of masculine energy that is attempting to keep part of your overallness in a state of contraction. It is similar to when I am busy with work and you come up and are going on in a natural way and I have to somehow contract my space in order to keep working. So, it creates a weird sensation that is very confusing because you are being how you need to be and I am basically contracting within myself more and more, because I feel perturbed by the interruption. You suddenly have become a reminder that I’m not getting anything done.

So your dream is showing that energetic situation, with the man not wanting to allow you to take out the boat. You have taken a masculine quality energy that is acting in a strange way and is confusing your ability to flow naturally, which you know you should be doing. But then again, how do you handle something that has gotten peculiar or energetically off?

Jeane: In the next dream, I am again at my parent’s house and my mother is around. Upstairs in the room where I stay there is construction going on, and in the left corner another room has been framed out. I can step in and around to a little alcove there. So I really like it, because I can be there, but not be seen sometimes. Also framed out is a loft area where I can sleep.

I have gone out to a party and it feels like at the party I have met some people and suddenly I find myself back and they are all in my bed with me. There are at least three or four couples in this bed. It feels like as it gets closer to morning we are all waking up in odd groupings with each other because there is a certain amount of sexual energy around and then I hear my mother downstairs and I am a little perturbed about someone else coming up and here we all are in bed. That is all I was able to pull out of that dream.

John: What is interesting about this is how you have progressed the energy from the earlier dreams to where you are taking and accepting what you will go along with. You are still not fully conscious in your functioning. Meaning you are still hiding, because it hasn’t fully revealed itself. You are not meant to stay hidden because you find yourself in a space that is still being built – it is open. It isn’t complete yet and you are accepting it in that condition because you can still hide in that.

This shows that you are not quite taking on the full responsibility of the completeness of the room. As a consequence, you are taking that awakened innerness back into the outer (the party). In the prior image your urge to go outside was a boat ride, but you were restricted from that because an aspect of the masculine there was too disoriented. This flare-up of the masculine happens when you take things too literally, rather than integrating them into your overallness.

So you see how in each dream image you approach this in different ways. In this latest image you are back inside yourself, with an open architecture, yet you are lazy and unconscious and you choose to hide. So, this time when you go out, instead of having the great flow, it is kind of like rubbish in, rubbish out. You find yourself with a group of couples (masculine and feminine) and the situation is not properly aligned, and it’s getting early and your mom might come in. All signs that there is no flow.

What this is saying to you is that if you haven’t taken care of, and raised your awareness of, the place that is you inside, when you step into the outer world like that, what you cause to happen will be situations that aren’t fully together – there won’t be a proper flow. You are back at the house (inside) but it is still unfinished and not a solid platform for you to go out into the world. This is a scenario we all experience in our lives.

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