The Shape of Things

Jeane: In the next part it feels like I am really struggling, and I am just seeing a geometric design. It’s basically a hoop, or a circle, made out of lime-green felt, and it glows a little. I am trying to get it into a different geometric shape, like one that has lines, so maybe it would become an eight-sided figure, or something like that, inside a circle. I even changed the circle, so it had all these straight lines. I am blaming you for the fact that I can’t seem to get it the way I want it, because you have left the light on. I’m unable to get to a depth where I can make it have these straight lines inside, with the circle gone, as opposed to just being a circle, and then I fall into another dream.

John: What you are seeing here is the precursor to new information. Remember we had one, two, three, and now you are doing the fourth dream in sequence (see Inside and Outside, and Unfinished Interiors). Always listen intently to the fourth dream because it is going to describe something brand new. So, the set up for the fourth dream is that as a consequence of having been bounced around in these three different areas, in three different ways, what you have understood from that, inside of yourself, is to bring it all together and then design or shape something a little differently. Out of all that process, this is what makes sense to you to do.

The problem with you doing that successfully is that there is a certain agitation that still exists. There’s an agitation of something in the masculine. You know, and have the sense, that this design is what you are going to create. This is what it all boils down to in terms of the other three images: you end up creating a whole different sequence of things. That is the high part. That is the highest-self quality of the three images.

The lower-self quality of the three images is still the agitation. It’s still something to do with what the masculine has done, or how it has acted up, that’s interfering with what is trying to become really clear in terms of you creating the design (shape). So, the agitation in the masculine will affect the design process. The two extremes are now coming together, with the highest sense of what needs to take place – which you’ve gleaned from the three previous dream images – and the lower-self aspect that’s still there in terms of a level of a disturbance. Let’s see what happens next.

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