The Subdivision

John: In this dream I have subdivided some property that I plan to make available to prospective buyers. On this property I have just done the generic work – it’s just sitting there, with no aliveness to it. No one who views the property can make heads or tails of it. I have basically taken this large area and cut it into pieces, but now I have to do something to make it alive so people can relate to it.

I have gone to the property in a pickup truck and I am carrying two fence posts to be put up on different points of the property. These aren’t ordinary fence posts – they have been carefully imbued with an aliveness. When the fence post is put into the ground, it will suddenly glitter and awaken and everyone will see “Hey, that’s a neat piece of property.” What is awkward is that I have only two posts and many parcels. There are parcels in a valley and on a hilltop, and my first thought is that both of the posts should go on the hilltop properties.

When I come to a particular parcel where the post belongs, the hole is already dug. It’s just a matter of fitting the post into the hole. But this is where I do not have the clarity that I need. Super clarity is a function of an energetic vibrancy, quickened inside such that I am able to automatically recognize how and what to awaken. I may have started off knowing what to do with these two fence posts that are meant to awaken something in creation – meaning all the different aspects and parts of creation – but now that I am here to do it, I am confused.

I have come with what is needed, but I can’t tell how or where or when to establish the awakenings. So, I am looking, but I am overwhelmed by the possibilities. I feel energetically exhausted inside; I am at my wit’s end trying to figure this out.

Basically, I do not have the light I need to know what to do next. One of the reasons I am confused is that I have gotten myself involved with more pure energy than I am able to handle. (It is not raw energy. Raw energy is something that has to be conformed.) This is pure energy. I thought I was only working with a particular aliveness that I would establish over time and that I understand well enough. Yet because I see myself as having transported twice the amount, meaning two posts, which is more than I am comfortable working with, this confuses me and causes my clarity to become veiled in terms of knowing how to apply it.

If I were only working with the alive energetic clarity of one fence post, I would be okay. But I have two, so I am accepting the responsibility of two. Being required to transport an aliveness to two of the parcels shorts me out. By that I mean I can’t make it happen because I don’t know how to effectuate an awakening that involves both.

Somehow I am able to take the energy of one post and place it where it belongs. But as I take my eyes off the second post, it suddenly turns itself into a black man, who’s looking to escape. This occurs at a bad time. I was looking at the last bit to be packed down; the post that I am familiar with has these energy packs that are strapped to the side. The hole is dug and these things protrude out, so it is jamming up the hole. I know if I can get my focus, I am going to figure out how to smooth it out and round the post so that it will go in with the energy.

Before I can put my attention to figuring out this mess, the other energy starts to leave on me. It is just a bad time; I was so close. So the energy embedded in the other post has come alive as a black man who is wandering off from the truck that brought him there (which is me bringing the energy there). Now I am distracted. That’s the whole problem; I am carrying twice the pure energy than I am capable of handling, so I can’t even get the post that I am familiar with into the ground. I was just in the last bit of realigning it so it would fit when this whole thing flared up.

To be continued…

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