The Plot Thickens

Today we continue the dream John began to describe yesterday in The Subdivision.

John: What happens next catches me totally off guard; all I can do is watch. My attention is completely fixed on getting the first post aligned in the hole, while this other energy is walking off. The energy packets are affixed to the post and they have to be aligned before the post will sit properly in the hole. I am working on this when suddenly another black man awakens, this time from the post I am putting in the ground.

In other words, that energy comes alive and immediately, without any hesitation, because it’s not limited by time or space or anything in the physical world, it goes over to the parcel where the other energy is needed that is trying to leak and disappear. It turns out to be on a lower parcel that I haven’t paid any attention to. I was going to work on those last.

So in a split second he cuts out a hole in the side of the boundary, puts in a driveway to the natural building spot for all to see, and then seals all of this up, so it is visualized and complete for anyone to look at. This is done so fast that I can only stare in shock and amazement. This man then explains to me that the other post was from an assistant to the main boss. This energy, without seeking permission, got into my truck on its own. It wanted to be with me. That is why I don’t recognize it and why everything is so confusing, but that is now fixed. It is placed in its home.

I stare at the lower parcel and it’s incredible. It’s larger than expected, about 80 acres. Most of the parcels that I am trying to bring to life are at a higher elevation on the property and they are only 20 acres or so. This parcel is now awake and I am impressed. The grass is ankle deep wherever I look. It’s a beautiful field. No one is going to have any trouble appreciating what this is.

Now I must turn my attention back to the other energy. That energy has gone back into the post where it belongs and is waiting patiently for me to finish the job, now that the confusion has been resolved.

Quite a dream, huh? And it’s meaning is very interesting, too. What we can see is that I have done a certain amount of the work necessary to subdivide this area. It’s quite large in size and has been carved up into useful parts that when put together become the whole. Still, what is lacking is the aliveness and I’m supposed to make that happen.

But I don’t know how, because I’m overwhelmed and I lack what it takes to handle all of the aliveness – the pure energy that is needed. The best I can think to do is work with the energy little by little, one post at a time. In other words, I’m limiting myself in order to go take baby steps. But that isn’t good enough. Whether I like it or not, I have to handle more energy. It’s as if the aliveness is seeking me out and I haven’t expected that nor am I able to contain it.

This results in me being overwhelmed and unable to handle the one post at a time approach. That’s not going to cut it anymore. As a result, I’m going to need help. What is most unexpected about the help I get is that the energy is one that I’m experienced with, it comes from the post I am working on in a one-on-one basis. But this energy has gotten quite mature and it’s able to help out.

Because it’s an energy, it doesn’t have the physical limitations I have, or the clarity still unfolding in me in those physical limitations. It can, in a split second, make itself known and cut through my overwhelmed condition and confused position. It’s not like another energy came in and did it, it was one that I know.

What the dream is really saying is that there is a part of my development that has reached a particular kind of maturity, such that it no longer needs to couch itself as much as it has been. It is showing that it is ready and able to actually stretch itself out. It can take on more. So the dream is telling me something about my own development that I haven’t understood yet. And the message is good, telling me I am ready for a new phase.

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