Keeping the Change

Jeane: I’ve gone into an area, just stepped into a room, that has a wall separating me from a bathroom and I need a quarter that I don’t have. Then, a quarter just drops on the ground. That was just before I stepped into the room. When I step into the room, suddenly all these dimes and other coins start coming through from under the wall. I pick them up and I start putting them in a container. At first, my thought is that it’s really amazing that sometimes when you have a need for something that you’re just given it, and then you’re given even more than what you need. I’m picking up coins and putting them in a little container.

But then I get the thought that maybe some of these coins belong to someone who will be looking for them. It’s not really like I need all of them. I even have a sense that someone is searching to see where some things fell.

I leave that scene for a moment, wondering if there’s someone that needs all of these coins. When I’m gone, a little boy comes into the room I was in and there’s another person there. It seems as though they’re starting to look through things that are in the room, including what looks like a satchel on the floor. When it’s opened up, it has a miniature dollhouse with little rooms and things in it. I think it must be valuable to the person who had it. The little boy kind of wants to play with it, too.

That’s all that I remember of that dream, and then it goes into another little dream.

John: An interesting aspect of this dream is that there is a certain type of drowsiness and delirium to it. Not at what you’re doing, but the way it unfolds has a peculiarity to it. It has a feeling of being over-the-top from the other side. The over-the-top aspect from the other side is what is providing you with more than you need. When I have experienced dreams such as this, it feels that I’m being pulled more into the inner, and as a consequence it creates a greater drowsiness in the outer.

The only thing I can make out of it (because of the peculiarity and your wondering during it) is that what is depicted, with the little boy aspect that comes into the dream, is that it’s over-the-top like this so something can come through and manifest. It’s finding a way to bring something forth from the inner to the outer. Otherwise, the fascination, and the quality and quantity of things that come through the veil are so much more than what one can generally apply.

In fact, you get to the point where you start to realize that this is too much and wonder why. It’s because that sort of thing, from the inner, is so much more than the normal characteristics with which you function in the outer. You just don’t have the capacity to take so much in and apply it. In the beginning you can see the correspondence of things and recognize the guidance. You are able to accept the coins until it becomes a real flood of them. Suddenly you run into this dynamic where there’s so darn much that the applicability of it, given the nature of what you have at your disposal to work with in the outer, is out of proportion.

So the only conclusion that you can draw is that it’s important to try to figure out how to integrate some of this flood from the inner, into the outer. When it becomes so overwhelming from the inner, you find yourself knowing less and less of what’s really going on in the outer. That’s because the inner is so much more dynamic. The nature of things is so much slower in the outer (given the resources of your senses) that the rush from the inner makes you feel out of it by comparison. The only explanation you can then give yourself is that you’re here and you’re doing this because something needs to be brought into this world, and grounded into this world, from that inner state.

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