Something Wonderful

Jeane: I was dreaming vividly and my dream was repetitious in that I know I dreamed it at least three times with variations. In the variations, a scenario occurred in an outdoor setting. As the scenario ended, someone would be regretting something that they were unable to do. They were thinking that there was something that they couldn’t do or couldn’t touch.

I was telling them that actually they could, and we would go back to this outdoor clearing where there was either a waterfall or it was just something in the sky that would cascade down it – it took a few minutes to get there. I would show them that the process could replay and that was how they could touch it or experience it. It felt like I had that going on about three times.

I wish I had pulled it out more because I think the dream was very specific and interesting.

John: Well, I think I know what’s going on there. You have a…

Jeane: But it felt good.

John: Oh it is good. It’s actually kind of wonderful. In fact, it’s more than wonderful. It’s a relief and a solution to a whole array of things. What’s described here is that there is a part of you that is extremely transformative that you need to bring to the surface of yourself – you need to live it. It’s already something that is part of you and for some reason you’re not carrying it or allowing it through.

So for whatever particular reason you haven’t taken it fully on. That puts it in a state of suspension within you, but it’s showing that it’s not too far away (a few minutes in the dream). Your dream was actually measuring the distance. You were looking first at one variable of it, then another variable of it, and then another variable of it – that’s the repetition. It’s really a process of letting go, of closing the distance, and then it will be right there for you.

But for some reason there is a gap and you have an internal logic that supports the reason for the gap. The distance seems so small, but this transformative aspect is sitting there, dormant, inside of you. Nothing needs to be learned, or understood to let it through. But what’s holding it back is your belief that something needs to be in place first. And if that little thing were present, then you would be able to give it permission to come out.  Pretty strange logic, right?

Jeane: No, that makes perfect sense. It’s just how I feel. If I feel a certain degree of safety, or something else happens, then it can come out, that’s all.

John: Yes, but behind all of this is your perspective of what is there that will come out. You’re looking at a teeny, tiny part of what is coming out. You have no sense of the magnitude of it, and your dream is saying that it’s a huge thing (it’s a waterfall or a cascade from the sky!). The magnitude of it is mind-boggling and you’re thinking it’s a little thing. You’re not catching up to its magnitude.

What you perceive is that it needs a small trickle to set it in motion, but the issue is that the trickle is infinitesimal and what is there to come out is huge. That’s the part you’re missing. You’re not realizing that some little thing is holding up something so enormous, but yet so wonderful!

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