Outside Looking In

John: I have two dreams, and it may not seem like the second dream necessarily relates to the first dream, but it does.

The scenario of the first dream is the idea of asking for help and giving help. It’s about someone asking for help because he doesn’t have the confidence to rely on what is already inside of him. Both of the people in this dream are aspects of me, so it shows a pattern of me working towards a part of myself that’s deeper inside, but without taking full responsibility for doing the work to make the connection that I need to make.

A man is outside a building trying to convince a friend, who is inside, to come out and help him. Visualize a building outside and inside. My perspective is from the outside watching this man try to enlist his friend to help him. It’s late in the evening – can’t this happen tomorrow? The man wants his friend inside to show him how to make salami. Apparently he has shot an animal and wants to convert the meat into salami.

This man’s friend inside has previously given him some written instructions on how to do it, but this man doesn’t want to try and decipher those instructions now. In other words, he’s feeling unsure about it, you know, acting as if he might goof it up or something. So he is standing outside seeking his friend’s assistance.

I observe that this guy doesn’t seem to be very bright. There’s a more responsible way he should be acting. He’s being a little pushy and doesn’t care that it’s already pretty late in the day. A reasonable person would see that it’s the wrong time. Plus he’s not willing to take responsibility to do something himself, to try to follow the instructions he already has.

To my surprise, the friend is convinced to come outside and they go off together to do what needs to be done. My feeling is that the friend inside, who had the knowhow, should not have catered to these demands so easily. There was something not fully responsible about the demands of the person asking for help. He might have figured it out for himself if he had taken the time to understand the instructions.

So, the feeling, which is like the meaning, is that in this dream, as an observer, I’m unsettled because I think the person outside has the means to accomplish what he needs accomplish, but he’s not willing to try it on his own. It might be awkward for him at first, but that would pass. At least he should be taking the time to unravel the guidelines before seeking help.

In doing so, he might gain a greater understanding of what already lies inside him. It might give him more self-assurance, more independence, a greater connection. He could reach his own knowing. By him trying to go too quickly to an inner authority, one that is already present before him, is to weaken himself.

The issue is not whether he should be coming to his (inner) friend for direction and guidance, or to get any questions that might come up answered, that is what his inner friend can supply. The issue is about him making an effort to reach more fully what has already been given. He might find that it’s all there at his disposal.

So the dilemma has more to do with attitude. The person on the outside is acting weaker than he is, and if he doesn’t take on what is given to him, he will remain helpless. He looks and appears scruffy and out of place because that’s how he feels. However, he has already done the hard part – he had a successful hunt. The next transformation is simply an unfoldment from there.

Tomorrow we will see how this segues into the second dream.

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