Working Together

John: In the dream I described yesterday (see Outside Looking In), I was looking at it from the overview perspective where I had a sense of both the person outside the building and the person inside. From the standpoint of the friend inside, there is also a deeper meaning at play: should he take a position that will cause his outer friend to try and probe the issue more on his own? Such a position might cause the outer friend to get stronger and more grounded in what he already has.

Or, is it better for him to be with the outer friend and cause the outer friend to see for himself just how gifted and fortunate he is already? If he tries to cause the outer friend to be more responsible on his own, a certain distance remains. If the outer friend fails to close the gap, a collapse by the outer friend before he has built up enough momentum on his own might occur. Or, if the inner friend simply comes into the outer friend’s scenario there can be a connection made that is without all the struggle.

The main issue is in getting the outer friend to realize what he already has inside himself. The outer friend has not quite accepted something about himself and the issue is to bring it out. Once reached, the outer friend has all the focus and attention needed to go from there. The transition is such a small step compared to most dilemmas that it’s easy to overlook.

I am amazed this dream fits with your dream, too (see Something Wonderful). I thought the next dream did, but this does as well. You have something inside that seems to require very little shift, and it starts rolling right out because it’s just so natural. It’s something that you’ve lived and acquired a full clarity about from somewhere deep inside yourself already. You’re requiring something else to take place before you give that permission to be, which keeps you somewhat weakened and not quite as clear as you would be if that weren’t the case.

But you can also ask, why do you bring that out, you know? It needs to perhaps be part of something that is a channel. Maybe there has to be a connective flow for that. So maybe it does require a certain kind of other link to be there, to hit there, so that that other can simply emerge. The dilemma of course is the same as in this dream. Does helping the other weaken you?

The second dream (up next) gives us answers to this, and basically the answer is no. That “tough love” kind of attitude is some sort of work ethic that I have bought into, instead of realizing that the truth of life is that everything is given. So, like you, I’m creating my own resistance to that which is naturally given. I’ve put an extra, unnecessary barrier up due to some belief that overcoming it would make me stronger, or show some responsibility.

But who am I to say that the man outside needs to slog through by himself so that he can have the fullest appreciation of the process? And perhaps there’s a certain communication involved, where one part of me is telling the other part of me that it’s okay, I am here to help you.

My overview perspective in the dream actually exposes a type of judgment, a kind of be-a-man, learn-the-hard-way attitude that is totally unnecessary because the path of communication and guidance between the inner and outer is what’s really important.

The second dream looks completely separate from the first one, but it twines with it and also with yours, but in a different way.  (We will present the second dream tomorrow.)

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