The Manuscript

Jeane: In this next dream I’m at a famous author’s house; two friends have taken me there to meet him. When we go into his house there is a small concrete porch that leads down to another enclosed porch with a door that goes into a split-level living room. It’s more informal than the house’s main living room. I’m sitting there being introduced to the author by my two friends. We’re talking. He’s 56, I know that comes up somewhere in the dream.

We’re talking about his books but there’s not much energy around all that. Then suddenly someone from across the room, with more energy, mentions that the author is writing, or just completed, a book that has cocaine in the title. It’s not about cocaine, but the title is “Cocaine Blue” or something. When he says that, the energy becomes really charged, and I can even see the title page of this book. The title is a whole sentence, and there’s a strange symbol on the page. It’s kind of complicated. When this guy says the name, it just brings all this energy into the room.

At the same time, the author becomes aware that there are some people on their way over, an armed gang, that plan to hold him hostage to get this manuscript. The author hops up, gets all energized, and goes up to the outer porch area.

As this gang comes onto the porch they look like a SWAT team, with hoods on their heads and body armor and they’re carrying long rifles they point at everything in sight. The author is on the porch excitedly directing them into the house as fast as he can, as though he’s one of them. Just as the last three or four are on the porch, they realize that there’s something wrong with this scene.

One of them turns around and points the rifle right at him. The author turns and just kind of takes out part of the barrel and then he pushes it in. With the other rifle, he takes it and he speaks into the end of it like it’s megaphone, telling them to go on into the house! This has them so confused that they are in a crisis as to what they’re going to do. He’s carrying all this energy, so the observer in me that’s watching this is thinking “Ah, he’s got this place booby-trapped. He’s been waiting for this scenario!”

Meanwhile, I’m down in the living room alone. Because I now know about the manuscript, the author is looking a lot more interesting. I’m even wondering whether he would be any good in bed! I’m tempted all of a sudden. I’m also concerned about the manuscript so to stay focused on business I go over and I suddenly see the title page of the manuscript and I start focusing on the symbol. Then it’s as if I fall into another dimension as this symbol opens up with these yellow colors and all this other stuff.

It’s as though I walked up to the page and my head fell into it. That’s the only way I can describe it. I’m in another dimension. And then I pull back and of course the whole page, the title and the symbol, disappears. Now I’m thinking, “I have to get this manuscript and hide it before the people come in.” So I get an image in my mind’s eye that I don’t see him typing it on a computer. I know he has written it by hand.

That’s probably why he wants me here: he was going to hire me as a secretary to type it up. I realize there’s another level below the level I’m on, and I think there is a room for a secretary. I’m thinking, “I bet if I found the manuscript and scattered the pages a little bit and put other things on top of them and sat there, they’d just think this is the secretary working on her paperwork.” And they’ll miss the fact that the manuscript is there.

So this is my plan. Then I glance at the secretary’s room and realize I don’t know where the manuscript is. So I think and I think. “Okay, it’s handwritten. The only place he would have handwritten it is in the bedroom.” Now the bedroom is at the very bottom of these steep stairs, and there’s a mid-level that the secretary’s office is on. It feels like I do this motion where my feet become skis and my right hand is on the railing, and I must ski down the stairs. I go so fast down the stairs it’s unbelievable.

At the bottom, I could see the bedrooms. I see the symbol on the wall next to the door before I go to the bedroom, which is to the left. I’m going to go in there, and I’m sure I can find the manuscript.

Now, at this point, the observer part of me is watching the me that is going into the bedroom and says, “Uh-oh. I bet this guy’s booby-trapped the room and she doesn’t know it.” Then my alarm rang. I was so annoyed. I was having such a good time in this dream. How dare that alarm ring!

Tomorrow we unfold the deeper themes at play in this dream, part comedy, part thriller, in Hiding in Plain Sight.

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