Nuclear Fallout

Jeane: I am with a man and it seems we have traveled away from a house. We are going out to see things and, however we travel, we seem to move along really fast. I feel as though we’re skimming above the ground, and I don’t know if we’re in a vehicle or not. I go by an orchard and see some very pretty dappled gray Arabian horses.

Then it seems like we’ve turned and gone over to a new orchard where I see a herd of horses running or, perhaps, swimming as part of a race. It’s just the horses, no riders. They go through a swimming pool and they are racing. The swimming pool is out in the general landscape.

The man I am with is communicating to me about how hard it would be to ride the horses while they bump against each other in the swimming pool. He wants to know if I can ride and I even have the sensation that I am riding a horse that jumps the fence. I don’t really know if I did, but we are moving really fast over the landscape observing a lot of things like this.

Then we come to an area where I think we’re more in the city and we have stopped for a moment to visit a friend of his who lives in a house that goes straight up. We go up to the penthouse – he has a key to his friend’s house. He runs into his friend who is very wealthy and has built a bit of a fortress. His friend picked up a foreign girl the night before and he is very preoccupied with her and they disappear together. I am looking around the house and then we go out.

The landscape has changed to canyon-type country with city-like structures. I become aware that there is going to be some kind of nuclear event, with the explosion and the fallout coming. We only have a limited amount of time. I think there is no place to go, but I end up in an area where men are building with concrete.

We find a group of people who are aware of what’s going to happen. Rather than being fatalistic about it, they have begun to put together some sandwiches. I start talking to them about finding a refrigerator that people could be near. There may be enough shelter here. I go over and help them make the last of the sandwiches and then talk with them about where we put the water – asking if they are conserving it or not. I’m also telling them not to stand next to the windows, but now and then I look out.

At some point someone says it’s coming because there is stuff falling in the air, something that looks like ash. Later I go to a front window and I see that it’s really starting to fall. I urge people to go to the center of the building where there is some protection and to stay away from the windows and to keep the kids nearby.

It doesn’t seem as though there was a big blast that would have blown out the windows. I have the sense that everybody will get radiation, but maybe not. We do the best we can. I go out to see if there were any workers who made it through.

Then I’m back at the building where the rich man lives and we’ve taken the rest of the people there also. The building has been fortified. There is even a fallout room where the friend might still be with the girl.

I go up to the roof so I can look out over the valley. I can see that there is a layer of radioactive dirt over everything. As I’m standing there, a small drone comes through the sky. It’s about one-foot across and it has little wings and an eye painted on it. It sees me and keeps circling around my head. It won’t do anything except follow me no matter how I try to push it away. Finally my friend comes over with a woven bag and I put the drone in the bag.

I keep the bag with me because I’m not sure if I want the drone flying back to the government or whoever sent it. I’m not sure what it means, but since it won’t do anything but follow me at least I have it in a bag where I have covered up its eye.

Right near the end of the dream I run into this big brown dog that somehow made it through everything. I stop, lean down, and scratch the dog.
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