A Flood of Images

John: In this dream, I am in a real estate deal and I have bought out the interest of another person. I may have paid a lot, and it may have been hard for me to do. I bought it for what I thought was one reason; in other words, I was only looking at it from one aspect, in a single, linear way.

Now, I paid top dollar, but it needed to be done in order to address something. Upon doing it, it turns out there are two things going on, and I had not realized that. I had consummated the transaction and a secretary comes to me and says “Well, would you like to continue to do this, that, and the other?”

Of course I would. That was all part of it. In other words, the secondary aspect is part of the first, but it comes as a bonus. And what that’s saying is that when you address something in the outer  – and in the outer you struggle and get knocked around by these things – if you are able to go through it and see it in terms of what is on the other side, you can be in contact with the greater meaning.

Now there are two ways to catch up with this. One is the way of the lower self: how a person deals with confusion in their life, where they get frustrated and angry, and all the patterns and mannerisms they enact. We have seen that when a person relates strictly on that level, it’s like they are dumbed-down – they create unnecessary conflicts in their life. They just keep banging around in the box, so to speak, unable to get out from under the illusion. So the best they can do is to keep bouncing back and forth inside of it.

The second way is if they get to the point where they realize they don’t have to relate to life in that way, they can actually flood the “box” with an element of light – inner light. Then, things that most people perceive as a struggle become something they can totally embrace, because they get it. When they realize that the world works this way, they start to recognize how images at a speeded-up level are what it’s all about – they’re what holds life together.

When a person lives in the world of their reactions, every one of them slows them down – they are working with images that are dead. If, however, they can progress beyond that veil, the further they go the more their reactions feel heavy and clumsy. They just begin to know better – that there is a different way of responding. They don’t buy into the trick, or flinch at every little thing, because they’re able to realize that appearances are just appearances. Behind those appearances something else is coming across.

So on a consciousness level, in a dream, until a person realizes the bounty of the creator, and what the creator has made possible….  Let’s say you have a particular problem in the outer and that problem is that you’re angry or frustrated about something. If you can get rid of that, let it go – because you know enough to not buy into it, to not fight it – you are able to back away and flood this thing with light. What that does is it allows the images to stream from the other side, and those images cannot quite make it into life unless you understand that. And if you understand it, then the human being is the vehicle that can take those images and inflect them so that they come into life and actually change life.

That’s what I meant when I said that in the next 30 or 40 years the human being will be able to access new images and that those new images will become the template for the next 1000 years (see Dreaming into Reality). Humanity is not meant to live on the plane of existence in which all is light; if it were all light you would not have creation. But humanity is meant to take another huge step, and that is the step of oneness.

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