The Station

Here we continue this thread detailing the possibility of bringing higher images into the present, and thereby changing the outer reality. This thread continues from Nuclear Fallout, Full Speed Ahead, Dreaming into Reality, and A Flood of Images.

John: That step of oneness includes connecting into a wholeness that includes the light. It has to include the light so that the light does not obliterate creation. When one perceives a level of oneself that is outside of creation, that is somewhere else, that is where things are streaming into existence – that is where something is coming from the inner and crossing into the outer. When you are speeded up in this world of light, you can then see the images of the outer that are in need of modification and you can change those images. You can change them simply because you are going at this faster speed and those other images are going at a slower speed.

Now you can’t change the images if you are still experiencing this as a “state.” In other words, if in the morning you are in a place of tremendous inner connection, but by the afternoon you’ve lost that and gone completely back into the stupor and are reacting this way and that, it doesn’t work. You cannot change the energies if you are still trapped by the dead images of this culture, of the collective consciousness.

You can, however, and you are meant to be able to, change those images. And that’s when you have made the transition from a “state” to a “station.” To be a station means that you are living in god, so to speak. It’s when you are able to bring down and hold onto the higher energetic. And when you do that, you are holding onto that higher speed and have become a vehicle through which your greater speed changes the images of the outer because it no longer gets knocked off course. What it sees and what it perceives is what exists, is what it becomes, is the template for how it is going forward.

That is why it is said, for example, in this dream or this reality, when Muhammad walks, wherever he goes, to the left or to the right of his path there is a hive of bees. In other words, everything that his eyes touch upon reflects back something of the divine. It’s like an inner coming into the outer.

In your dream you took it up to a point of a nuclear explosion – that comes from a judgment where something speeds up and goes into total destruction and there’s a transformation that’s implied in that. It shows that you still feel things, experience things, and relate to things as if this temporal life is all that exists. Now if something were to happen to the temporal experience – on a mental level, physical level, emotional level, however many levels there are – if anything happens in that world, then your life is shattered along with it.

Again, if you speed up to where the temporal experience is nothing more than a shadow of an ego that exists, you’re then able to take those images and inflect those images into the outer. That is the connection by which man can catch up. So when man catches up he is actually on the level and on the plane, in which the inner exists with the creator. Where light exists, as opposed to sound. And that pure light, which cannot be here completely, can sit there at an inner level, reflecting through. So now you have the motion picture screen, you know, and creation becomes the motion picture screen upon which the divine can see itself.

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