Manifesting the Divine

John: The human being is always trying to grow and accomplish and stretch its boundaries. So when there’s an issue or a problem that you’ve been struggling with in the outer, and you suddenly resolve it or make it go away, you are inclined to think “aha!“ And you breathe a sigh of relief and think it’s been completely dealt with.

But if you are really conscious, when you deal with something that has acted as a veil holding you back, you actually break through and shift something, so that you’re no longer affected by it – it’s behind you. You resolve the deeper problem, not just soothe the symptoms. What happens is that you catch up with the energetic that has been holding you back, because that energetic is like a consciousness with which you have been linked. By catching up with it you can make the shift to a new way, and the divine comes through in that process.

So the culture we live in is set up to pursue material gain; every one wants their piece of the pie. When it comes to the inner, we need to let go, or lose the desire to struggle as part of the rat race. Then we can really know the true essence of charity within us; that’s when we can gain access to everything in terms of true wealth. That true wealth is the means to live in freedom, grace, comfort, and wholeness – it moves in you, so that nothing in the outer can touch it, nothing can knock you off balance. All of that is changed instantly by holding and maintaining yourself as a station.

And I experienced this in my dream, where the resolution was complete. There was nothing still lingering that could throw me around or upset me. And when I recognized it, I had to step back and realize how that made me feel. And it filled me up, because I was connected to the other side, where all the images given to me were images of the way things were meant to be, here and now. They came rushing in.

Yet as the images came in, they did not reveal themselves until I had let go of a particular combativeness or attitude in me. It was as if that was what I had to confront in myself. As long as I continued to have that pattern of response, I may have had ups and downs, and a sigh of relief here and there, but no real change. Then at last I get completely beyond it to the true reward, the true given, from the other side. At last I was able to catch up to and be linked with the divine. Unless I really make that breakthrough, I don’t catch a treasure; I just fight the ghouls and the darkness in myself that can go on and on forever.

That’s how I knew that in your dream, when you were talking about the possibility of something going nuclear, that it doesn’t have to go nuclear – there can be a grace in which you can catch up with the images and you can change them into something else. The same thing is true on every level.

For example, I know there really isn’t any difference between Wall Street and Main Street. But as long as everyone continues to equate the changes that need to occur with counter balancing Wall Street, then they’re maintaining an antagonistic relationship that can only continue to unfold toward a big upheaval. It’s going to blow up completely – but it’s not meant to do that.

We’re meant to be able to catch the higher aspect, so that there’s a realization that we’re all in this together and nobody should have an advantage that has to be maintained in order to keep the economy going. That’s the opposite of oneness.

That’s also the power (and the hope) of the Internet: its ability to disseminate information without falling under the control and biases of the few major media outlets. In other words, the deceptions will ultimately fall away. Everything is out there and will be naturally revealed.

So this can happen in every aspect of our lives, both individually and as a species. If we just drop all of our ideas about the way things are “supposed” to be, we can realize that what we should be doing is acting in a way that provides a blueprint for how humanity could live, through the use and connection to the divine.

Humanity is designed to be able to go inside and see what the divine wants to manifest into the world. Then be able to open that up and make the linkage between those images, from the higher self, and bring them down into the lower, outer reality. That’s how the future is meant to become the present through the human.

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