Going Fast to Go Slow

John: It‘s hard for humans to look at events from a standpoint of wholeness, because of the seeming duality, where it always seems that someone has to lose in order for someone else to gain. It’s a fundamental misunderstanding of how the principal of energy works. Energy just exists – you don’t tilt one end of it into a higher wave than the other end. It’s tranquil and peaceful; trying to tilt one aspect higher than the other just creates unnatural distortions. And that’s what creates the overall disharmony we experience in the world today.

When one gets to the point inside where they can be in that tranquility, it’s quiet; it’s experiencing a deep level of the creator inside one’s heart. And at the same time one can work within the realms of the outer so that creation can respond, based upon the images that are constantly being streamed through and changed.

That’s where it’s described, for a Sufi, who begins to see humor in everything, because they know what’s really going on beyond the illusions. If you don’t recognize that, and you take things too literally, which creates separateness, you’re not actually participating in the universe any longer. You’re out of touch because you’re not speeded up like you need to be speeded up.

So this is what’s been going on with us. We’ve become more able to help usher in this new reality of inner awareness. Humanity was not meant to live the way we do, being tossed around and stressed by the events in life. At the same time, humanity is not pure light and isn’t meant to be that either. So for a direct connection with the creator, it still requires an ego because it takes an ego to live in the physical world.

Out from that ego come images – given to you by your physical senses while you are awake. When you dream, those images can be caught up to and reshaped, and then can come back into your waking life, slowed down again. So when something happens in the outer, we don’t fight it, we flood it with this quality of heartfulness – we create the mirror. So those images from the outer, they just die and fall away if they are not connected to the divine.

So this process brings in something that is felt and carried inside of each person as their own unique connection to the creator. And they themselves then have the ability to live in life with everything speaking to them – it’s an aliveness, or a dancing, or a rejoicing.

That’s what is meant for humanity to live equally instead of individually, to strive for spiritual gains instead of material gains. It’s an experience of oneness instead of an “us or them” distortion.

Taking this into an outer example, the present world economic crisis wouldn’t become a way for the public to subsidize those who have the power. We would use this as a way to transition toward the wholeness of a global family, not the haves vs. the have-nots that we have now. In other words, no bail out that doesn’t include all. There is no such thing as a “bail out” – it’s an illusory word, and it’s a dead image.

The new images for the future show what charity or compassion is all about, and what it has always been about, before it got distorted into a lifeless expression. So what I dreamt is what I find myself living and doing in the outer, when taken out of the literalness of the outer. It’s about changing the images from the inside out; from the plane of light that’s going real fast, right down into the plane of matter, that’s going real slow. If you use that which is going much faster to give that which is going much slower (as creation itself does) a tweaking, it can catch up, and change everything.

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