Assembly Required

John: In this dream I see myself helping to assemble something that is meant to make a machine function better. I am looking at this great machine: it’s big and round, like a boiler, yet it’s an engine as well. There are side components and pieces scattered all around that are being put into place and added to this machine.

I’m working with two others: one man is looking at the manual, calling out the names of the parts. Then the other person and I find the parts and put them together in a particular order. The thing about it is, even though I’m supposed to be helping to put it together, I can’t see the whole picture. I keep noticing that the various parts are scattered about. Some of them have been neatly piled off to one side. But I don’t remember how they got there.

Because I don’t “get it,” I become a bit over-reactive. I become unable to find the parts that are right in front of me. If I stay calm, I realize that the parts seem to be there when the man reading the instruction book calls them out. The guy helping me finds them right away. I can’t even see something that’s sitting right in front of my eyes. And so this is upsetting my inner balance more all the time.  The person with the book calls out the parts and this third person, who has a calm and balanced approach, picks them up and places them where they belong.

I am feeling very jittery inside because I cannot catch up with anything. I hear a discussion between the other two about a similar project in which there was a coiled spring that was needed, and a person there got so anxious that he paid $100 for the small part. My co-workers are finding this story to be a little ridiculous, and funny. As I am listening to them talk, I can see how it could happen. I am feeling the same jumpiness that could cause me to panic. When you get discombobulated like that, you are not sustaining the confidence and composure that’s required to do the job in a natural way.

On an energetic level, this dream is portraying a shattered focus, as I see myself to be pressured and overwhelmed. This makes me a bit of a scatterbrain because I am over reacting and getting out of balance. There are three elements shown by the three men, and they are all aspects of me: one is calmness, one is a anxiousness that could jeopardize the success of the project (the role I’m really connected to in the dream), and the third is the aspect reading from the manual – the one who has the big picture.

Fortunately, the scenario doesn’t completely fall apart because a non-reactive aspect of me (the calm man), and an aspect that stays focused on instructional detail, remain confident and composed. I am shown these three sides and levels that I need to integrate to get the job to come together. Two parts seem to be okay, but the part that I see myself playing, which is out of synch with the balance and attention that is required, needs to be able to go one step at a time patiently. In other words, I need to integrate the aspects of the other two into this third aspect so I have the confidence and clarity to perform as a wholeness.

I am given this dream to show that if I want to reach a greater presence inside, I need to be able to sustain a process, patiently. If I do not, then I risk breaking the focus of it and can cause it to fall apart. I believe there is a composure required in being able to slow down. In the dream, I’m racing too much, as if there is desperation. I need to find a rootedness to anchor the situation, and to prevent me from creating imagined problems.

In other words, I need to access a light within, which knows how to pull everything needed into a balanced composure. In doing so, it will prevent the energetic contamination that I can cause when I fear a catastrophe or get panicked. Then the scenario is left to unfold in the way that it’s meant to unfold, and everything will be okay.

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