John: I normally do not title a dream but this one I felt that I needed to put “Awakening” on it.

The dream begins with me having to pass through a dark, forest thicket that is confining, filthy, and miserable. It’s an area where an eagle is nesting, and this eagle has pooped all over this area and I am cringing inside to have to pass this way.

I come to a point where there are six or seven little eaglets, and they are walking about and not paying attention to me; they don’t seem to be too alarmed that I am there. It feels as though I have a shadow, or something, that’s with me, but no one is relating to that shadow.

I’m actually surprised at how many eaglets there are, because I would have expected eagles to have three or four little ones, but there are six or seven of them. So I’m careful; even though I don’t see the mother, she is probably nearby. So I have a certain apprehension because there are the little ones, and this is an area thick with bird doo, it’s all over the place. Obviously I’m in a spot where I shouldn’t be treading – I’m intruding on something here.

As I proceed past these little eaglets, I reach a spot where I have to come through the thicket to a little opening. At this particular spot the bird droppings are on everything: all the branches have it, it’s like you can’t touch a thing without brushing against this stinky, filthy bird feces. In fact, right at the boundary or edge of what I have to pass across and through to get to the other side, it’s actually worse. No matter what I do, I’m going to get contaminated.

I see that I’ve got to duck my way through it, but what ends up happening is that I have to use my hand to move branches out of the way. Though I try my best not to, I end up getting some of this fresh stuff on my hand.

When I finally step through there is a sense of having gone beyond this confining place and having reached a threshold to a place of remembrance from long ago. But then there is the smell of this fresh doo on my hand, so I have to brush it off as best I can on the shrubbery and foliage in this new area. Now I’m going to leave or descend down from this high eagle nesting area into a ravine. It feels exciting because of some vague familiarity I have of this area from the past.

Because of this familiarity, there’s an incredible anticipation building. It’s awakening inside – this anticipation. And the sense is that there’s a wonderful freedom and a comfort to where I’m about to go.

I essentially wake up on the threshold of what I am about to enter into, coming down into this ravine from this high point that I had to go across, into a new zone.

The significance of this scenario is that what seemed overwhelming at the time was actually me coming into direct contact with the epicenter of eagle power. Without realizing it, I passed nearby a powerful eagle’s nest, and did so without disturbing either the mother or her eaglets. That’s not an easy thing to do. I had to pass that way because, once through, I am enriched by the experience. Now I’m high up, with a vista overlooking what is familiar to me below. And that familiarity awakens in me a happy feeling from long ago.

As I glance back at what I’ve just been through, I believe that the awesome wonder that comes from having crossed safely by such an incredible spirit and majesty is something I will remember forever. It will stay with me in some fashion; it was as though I passed through a gate.

It reminds me of a Rumi story where there is a lion, and all steps you take are easy steps until, all of a sudden, you have to face the lion. Only in this particular case I had to go across. What I didn’t realize was that I was crossing through the area of an eagle’s nest. A big nest! This nest included this whole thicket area in which the eaglets ran around.

Tomorrow we will delve deeper into the meaning of this “awakening.”

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