All Tied Up

Jeane: I am approaching a room and I get a glimpse inside – it’s an all-white room and it feels like there is someone (perhaps the man I’m with, whom I think of as you) who is also energetically, and in appearance, a lot like the actor Sean Connery. I have the image that inside this room he is laying on a table, tied up. He may even have acupuncture needles or something stuck in him as well – the room is somewhat spare like a clinic.

The person in charge plans on taking me into the room – I can already see it in my mind. They’re going to take me into the room and make me lie down next to him. I see that I have a semi-circle of acupuncture needles across my chest, from one shoulder to the other. They also have something that goes across them at the top, or that might even connect them.

I see that the man who’s in charge also has a crossbow, and I have a feeling that he is threatening me in some way in order to get you (Connery) to talk. You have very thick, black electrical cords wrapped around your torso to keep you down. I have the sense that he will shoot you with the crossbow, or maybe shoot me, anyway. I don’t really know. But I have the sense it will be you. I see all this in my mind ahead of time. I see it as I am being taken into the room.

Then it feels like I am in the room lying down just as I had pictured, but for some reason the man with the crossbow has left the room. I get up and go to the door because it’s been left slightly open. I don’t try to go outside because I see there are cameras on the corners and the corridor, and I sense that there’s no point in going further because there would be guards down the hall.

I’m trying to figure out what to do when a woman comes into the room. I recognize her as someone who works for us and wants to help. As she reaches down I realize that what is binding you are these coils of really thick electrical cord and she is trying to unplug one extension cord from another cord. It’s very thick and hard to pull apart.

While she is struggling to pull them apart, I decide that I need to distract the cameras from what she’s doing. I get up hoping the cameras will follow me to the other side of the room. As I do that I realize the other side of the room has opened up into a fenced-in courtyard; instead of sterile white walls in a cell-like room, there is now a chain-link fence with a gate to the north. There’s even sky above us and outside the wire fence are some people walking by and observing. There’s also a female guard who is leading someone in through the door in the chain-link fence.

I have walked over to the fence where the people are looking in so that the camera will follow me. There are also other people walking around on the inside of the courtyard of the room, but they seem rather out of it. The ones outside seem almost like spectators who don’t really get what’s going on so they can’t be appealed to for help.

I’m kind of observing this and trying to create the distraction so that you can get free, and that’s all I remember right now.

Tomorrow, we will make John talk – about the deeper meaning behind this thriller-movie scene!

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