Wake Up, Man

John: All Tied Up is one of those dreams that has a deeper meaning to it that’s hard to define, because what throws me off is that you are trying to distract people from seeing the other woman unplug the cords around me.

So, if I get unplugged, what is that going to do?  I’m wondering if I should be unplugged, because as you are trying to distract people from noticing what is going on, there is something else going on too – something more has opened up, but what? The room becomes a courtyard, and yet the people who surround the courtyard are unconscious.

My first take on this whole plugging and unplugging is that I’m not sure if it’s positive or negative because you could be connected to something, this could be a means of being connected – energetically connected – to things. Other people may not have this connection and they don’t have a clue – they’re unconscious. It could be that you are plugged-in to a certain degree too, and I am more plugged in. What I think is unfolding is a relationship between your masculine side (represented by me, tied up), versus your feminine side (moving freely and trying to help me get free).

It’s a very interesting and deep dream and it would be good to figure this out. The whole secret is how to interpret or understand what it means to be plugged in and not plugged in. Personally, I think it’s positive. If you are really plugged in on an inner level, you are obviously going to be a little more dysfunctional in the outer level.

And as far as the other people having an opinion, or being a help, about what this means – they haven’t got a clue (they’re unconscious). They don’t know anything about this sort of thing. But the oddity is what the people inside people are trying to do. Who is the man with the crossbow whom you fear, for instance? And why are you able to move around if they were going to do something to you? Initially you were lying down with pins stuck in you.

So they have taken their eyes off of you, and you are now trying to free me up. So there’s something about this connection that is good, and something about this connection that is bad. In other words, there’s something about what’s going on that’s unconscious. I’m shown as unconscious, and that’s not good, and you’ve got to try to bring that quality out of its unconscious state.

So again, we are talking about an unconsciousness of your masculine aspect. And your feminine nature is trying to do something to free up that unconsciousness. Of course the way you do that is you have to let go, or do something to free it up, do something that releases it. So how do you do that?

The theme behind all of this is how you take and deal with things that frustrate you, in terms of  something’s dark energy, and whether you let them toss you around or you accommodate them and let them process out naturally. So the key way of doing that, instead of fighting it and being frustrated with it, is that you can flood the situation with energy. In other words, you can flood it with an openness, or a letting go. In terms of the masculine side of yourself, you’re trying to understand how you can do this effectively. The problem is that you are trying to free up a masculine nature in you that is unconscious. In a way that’s a noble effort.

The degree to which you can tune yourself in to that process, that is the part where we see you doing some fumbling in trying to figure out how to free me up, to get me unplugged. If you do not free up your masculine, somehow or other, it could have bad consequences for your feminine nature – you won’t be in balance.

The feminine here is doing something to keep the masculine from being tortured, and you have to get the masculine free so that the feminine does not get tortured. And if you do not get the masculine free, the masculine could get shot. And the masculine aspect is important to the process in you that is waking up. There is a lot of interesting tension going on in this dream.

This whole thing – being plugged in, and all that activity – is occurring on the inner spiritual inner level. The object is to try to take that awakening process from the inside and bring it into greater consciousness on the outside – into your outer reality.  Currently the outside is unconscious, and the inner level is scrambling to wake up.

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