Fire Lake

Jeane: I am in my hometown; it’s summer. There are a lot of people around, dressed casually; many are wearing swimsuits. I become aware – a few of us seem to know – that there is a forest fire coming down from the hills. I can look out and see smoke in the sky and flames flickering. I leave my parent’s house and go to a house nearer to the lake. There are kids in the house and I’m trying to mobilize them to move toward the lake because I see the forest fire getting closer. There is a small orchard near the house that could catch fire. It feels like no one really wants to pay attention to me, or the fire.

I can’t get anyone to go up to the roof of the house to see the path of the fire; it takes a long time to even convince people to leave the house. I’m concerned about the children and I notice some changes in the sky that indicate the fire is coming. Finally I tell everyone that they need to pick up a child (I pick up a little girl) and I lead them in the general direction we need to go. We need to get the kids down to the water where they’ll have some protection.

No one seems to be moving as a group, but some are following. I realize that we don’t have much food, so as we go by one house I notice they have a bowl of small green apples on the table. The apples are so small I can stick them in my pockets. I see the people who live in the house and make some comments to them, but they don’t seem to be concerned about the fire either. Then it feels like I’m strategizing with the group about how to get more food and get to the lake. I keep checking to see where the fire is as more flames are reflected in the clouds. (I don’t see the actual fire, just its reflection in the clouds.)

Next I change direction slightly, even though it takes me back toward my folk’s house (which is closer to where the fire will come over the ridge) and I go through a hospital building. They make us stop and sit down because a doctor is giving a lecture of some kind on his lunch hour (he considers this a good utilization of his time which seems over the top to me, but that’s how it is.) We sit there briefly but then a loud siren goes off – like an air raid siren – which means it really is time for everybody to move.

I take the little girl and we go by the hospital cafeteria. I notice there’s some turkey or other meat there; I grab a bite for us. I look at the counter woman to see if we can take more but she is absorbed in wiping off the counter. (It’s a dream where it’s hard to keep things moving forward.)

At this point I take the girl to my folk’s home. It may be closer to the fire, but there are two other girls living there and I feel a need to go. There are two things I want to do: I go to a cedar chest from my childhood that has an old hair brush and some hair clips, and I ask the girl if she can change into some different clothes. I think she should be wearing longer pants and have more clothes than just her bathing suit.

I want this to happen quickly so I can go into the kitchen to make some peanut butter sandwiches to take with us. I mention to the other two girls that we could do an assembly line to make the sandwiches fast and then we’ll have something to take with us when we leave. Then we head down to the lake.

When the raw power and energy of fire manifests in a dream, it may not necessarily be something to run from. We’ll explore the possibilities when we sift through the embers.

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