Keeping Pace

John: There’s a catalytic force at play in this dream (see Fire Lake). It’s an energy representing change that, in this case, appears to you as a fire. It’s interesting to notice how fluidly and naturally you’re able to conduct yourself in this emergency situation, which portends that there is change afoot.

It’s a unique kind of change, too, because it’s consistent. Being a fire, it is constantly there, and constantly causing you to reorient yourself, and your life, and your relationship to life. For the most part, you’re not disoriented by it, instead you’re able to keep your focus even though no one else is really helping.

What is important in the dream are the mannerisms and characteristics of the little things you do in relationship to accepting this energetic push that is always there in the background. The energy (the fire) causes you to need to keep moving along, but there is always a little hesitation in your progress. i.e., stopping for the apples, or making the sandwiches.

Those are little energetic flicker points that cause a breaking action in terms of how the dream flows. So what is significant is how you’re able to be fluid and spontaneous in relationship to the input you’re sensing, and in the way you are directing yourself as the situation changes. It’s like being tuned in to a certain note.

In other words, without the fire being there, you’d be going along in your normal way, according to your basic nature. But this energy has awakened a part of you – a younger part, shown as the little girl – that has a responsiveness that can handle what needs to unfold.

It’s almost a dream about how flexible and responsive you can be. How quickly can you adapt? How easily can you let go of things? How light can you be in relationship to something that’s in the atmosphere? Yet within this is the idea that there is the adult you and the little girl you; there is a duality, a difference between these two aspects of yourself.

Ideally, you’d want to be completely fluid within the scene, and if you were, then the fire would go away. And you’d be in balance, so the little girl in you would go away as well, or merge in you. There would be no herky-jerky movements or stopping and going – rather you’d flow with the energy of change.

There’s also a greater theme and meaning here. The fire in this case is the power or force of kundalini energy. That force coming down toward you is a higher aspect of the self. When the energy of the higher self comes through, it’s like the will of god, to which one must surrender.

It’s a higher vibration that operates at a different level than you do on an average day. Yet if you are able to take those higher vibrations and incorporate them, without limiting them through your lower-self aspect of acquired patterns or fears, then you’d no longer create this unnatural distinction between how you are as an adult versus the little girl aspect of yourself.

If you are able to recognize that – that both your lower-self aspects and your higher-self aspects belong to the same wholeness – you’ll be in a natural balance and flow with each rush of new energy, without the hesitations or pit stops. When it can be like that – completely natural – then an energetic can touch and have its effect on the outer life effortlessly.

What the dream shows is that the higher-self energy is moving faster than the lower-self energy. As long as there is that difference, there is going to be this in-between gap problem shown by the separation of the adult you and the young girl you. But if you can get to the point where the higher force energy and the lower force energy can be on the same wavelength at the same speed, then the inner can manifest in the outer, naturally, without there being any effort to make it happen. That’s when things are at a point of opening and softening to a very high degree.

This is also a dream that is designed to show you where you are in relationship to the energetic change that’s happening in front of you, and it hints at how you are still holding yourself back in small ways. With the fire or kundalini energy rushing through, you show certain mannerisms – again, stopping for apples or making sandwiches – as a way of coping with the higher energy. You still have to slow it down a bit rather than let it come through unhindered.

You are being shown this and a part of you knows that if you could get beyond that stickiness, there would no longer be the concern of whether the little girl was going to make it or not. When your lower and higher self aspects finally do operate at the same speed, there is no separation – you move forward as a wholeness. That’s when consciousness can transition effortlessly into matter.

It’s a very interesting dream that gives you a kind of progress report; it shows you’re getting somewhere.

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