Resisting the Flow

Jeane: I had two brief dreams. In the first one I am on the ocean, on some sort of diving platform. It’s not too high off the water, just a low platform. I’m diving at night. I like to go there and dive in a certain way. I’m talking to a cousin about doing it, but there is a man on the platform that doesn’t think we should be diving that way. He feels we should only dive during the day, and with the right equipment. Instead, I am doing it a certain way and teaching my cousin to do it that way, too.

There’s someone else observing this, but they don’t express an opinion one way or the other, even though I consider them more of an authority than this other person. That was one dream.

John: What you show here is that there is one part of you that is basically refusing to connect or join in, while another part of you knows you need to and is being more sensible about it. Why are you diving at night?

Jeane: It’s just pretty.

John: Is there a sense that you should be doing the diving during the day?

Jeane: Well, maybe.

John: Is it more dangerous at night?

Jeane: That’s why the other person doesn’t want us to do it.

John: Okay, so it’s perceived to be more dangerous, but maybe it’s just more awkward. In other words, a part of you is upset because it thinks that the diving should be done in the daytime, and part of you is being reactionary and doesn’t want to get in sync with whatever is dictating the normal flow of things.

So the question becomes, why is that? What is the true belief that is driving your impulse to resist? Is there some latent belief that keeps you from being able to be fluid? Of course the dream’s suggestion is that, because it’s night, what you want to do is a little more dangerous or less predictable. So that might be why it’s resistant.

Jeane: In the second dream, I’m with a female friend and someone else – I think there are three or four of us, both men and women – and we’re involved in something where we are using a filtering device. I feel like I’m okay with what we are doing, but my friend is upset that we’re not using the machine correctly. Everyone has an opinion about it, though it feels like none of us are really sure. That’s the most I can say about it.

John: Well, this dream also has a sense of a being discombobulated, something you feel in your nature, too. It’s a type of misalignment, or shorting out. You’re shorting out first, before you can reach a proper alignment, and so what you’re doing is just grasping to figure out how to get it right. At least you’re trying to fix it. But it does leave you with a vibe that’s a little jittery.

So, what you’re mixing in here is that you have a sense of disturbance in terms of timing that, when carried to an extreme, causes you to feel uncertain, a bit jittery. You are being shown how you lose your sense of spatiality when you get this type of shorting out.

Both of these dreams start with a feeling of being put out, of having to do something in a certain way that doesn’t fit with your nature, and from there, if things go wrong, you tend to get a little jittery. You are shown that. What’s interesting is that you’re not shown the solution, you’re only shown the condition. Apparently, you still have to sort that out by yourself because nothing else seems to be interceding for you.

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