Crystal Clarity

Jeane: I’m having that issue again where I have a long dream, in which I’m quite involved, and then there’s a scene at the end and that’s all I remember.

So in the last scene I’m in a rock shop, where they sell crystals. There are large glass counters and a man is standing behind them. He’s a younger man but he really seems to know what he’s doing.

It feels as if I turn to leave the store, but right before I do that, with whatever dialogue we are having, he reaches behind him and just pulls away a slab of what I thought was a wall but was actually rock. I realize it’s a huge slab of amethyst. I’m kind of amazed by this, and think that if he gets his amethyst this way, the wall behind him must keep getting smaller and smaller as he pulls away slabs to make the crystals.

Because he has uncovered this, he takes the rocks to another room – some of the crystals are loose or have come off. He rolls them on the floor in a certain way and then with his other hand he’s rolling them in some kind of water or wash.

I’m talking with him; he’s not really the owner of this business. But I have the impression that he comes from a very successful family and probably knows even more about how to do this business than the person who owns it.

I’m closely observing what he’s doing. Then it feels as though he’s going to have to go into the other room, so he shows me how I can help out.

I take some of the crystals in my hands and roll them on the floor the way I saw him do it, but then I don’t see where the wash is to put them in. So, I’m wondering about where the wash is and how he did that. Then it feels like the dream just shifts.

John: First we see that there is a sense of closeness. You stand at the counter and the man stands in front of a wall that turns to crystal – to clarity. And you are then able to take the crystals and roll them out, as the “teacher” showed you (you mention how knowledgeable he is). By laying them out, you are putting them (that clarity) into a format that is contained by you.

So, what we are seeing, on an inner level, is the degree to which you can carry a feeling of overallness. The feeling of overallness is a deep connection that enables you to be able to hold the aspect of yourself and still have access to the inner clarity you have gained.

It’s one thing to do that as a helper, while being in the presence of the teacher, and it’s another thing for you to have to be able to do that on your own (the teacher has left the room and you are trying to create the process for yourself).

The reason why the teaching, and understanding, is important on an inner level is because of the universal truth of “As above, so below”: you have something going on in your outer life that requires greater understanding for you to handle it. In other words, you have connected to your higher self and now want to apply that understanding into the lower-self aspect of your nature, and therefore into your physical life.

So you realize that it’s all about working with this and trying to bring it into the physical; you have the crystals in your hands and you’re trying to work with them in the shop.

So, this is a very interesting way of doing it and it’s the feminine way of doing it. What you are seeing in this dream is that as you dwell, as you hang out inside of, and hold on to, this overallness on the inner level, and learn how to relate to it, you are learning how to be in containment of it. The feminine seeks to contain things within the wholeness.

As you increase your ability to do that, it can give an overall quality to your being that receives the answers you need, automatically, just by the way that you hold that energy. When it’s like this for the feminine, the feminine isn’t concerned about the details and the particulars. The feminine instead carries the overallness, together with a knowingness about it, and it can know whether what it hears and sees is right or not right intuitively. It carries spatiality that is able to incorporate and absorb what is happening.

We live in a world that is dictated by the details of things, which is a masculine view. But that’s not necessarily the true way of things. The feminine contains the overall, the wholeness, and that connection can provide a higher guidance.

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