Jeane: So, in the first dream I remember I have gone to the head of the lake in a town where I grew up. Usually to get to the head of the lake you can only travel by boat. I’m there in a small town located at the headwaters and the difference in the dream is that there are also large cliffs on each side of the head of the lake in the little town. As I go about whatever I’m doing in the town, I remember my dad was there at one point and we went for a walk or went over to the movie house; I’m not sure which.

In the sky, on the side of the lake where the cliffs are, sometimes you can see dragons. It’s almost like there might even be some kind of a conflict going on that the dragons are involved in. I wander out of town on a path and come out in front of a cave. I run into an older woman who’s a professor of some kind, and she has a way that she can relate to the dragons.

She seems to get in some kind of special outfit – it’s much bigger than she is so she crawls into it and she can float around a little and see out. This suit helps the dragons relate to her. She can float up in the air with them while she’s in this outfit.

The dragons move pretty fast through the air. The thing that most impresses me about them is that they’re not really defined. It’s appears as if two or three of them have merged together and they streak about in a certain form.

So not everyone is able to see the conflict that is happening. I’m glad that this woman can relate to the dragons because otherwise they could be pretty intimidating. Later it feels like I bring someone to meet her, which may annoy her a little because it takes her longer to position herself in the outfit. She even fumbles and drops things…. That’s all I remember of the first dream.

John: You’re working with a certain quality of the intangible. There’s something about your awareness of these dragon energies that you’re able to perceive and understand to a degree. You’re tuned into something that not everyone can see or is even aware of. There are obstacles in going from place to place (needing a boat, or the tall cliffs), but you find comfort in this greater awareness that for you is the dragon effect.

So your sensitivity to the dragon energy gives you some edge in terms of how you maintain yourself, and that has an effect on how you see and relate to the life around you. And it’s almost like something shows you that the dragon’s all link together because it’s a more natural state that you can reach than you’re in now.

Seeing the dragons as you go about from one place to the next is actually a manner of being removed from things. In other words it’s a type of escape. The problem is not in the seeing of the dragons. The problem is that it creates a type of distance. It makes a very subtle separation that you lean on that makes life easier for you.

As you see the dragons, part of you is occupied with being in this more removed state and that keeps a certain closeness from occurring. I don’t think that it’s a problem, but to the degree that you feel that you need them and lean on them – then that takes and affects things.

For example you used to describe how in your work with people, sometimes you would see sparkles around them, but you didn’t allow that to affect your focus. You maintained your attention upon the process. If you had let that information affect your focus, it could have caused a barrier to be there. Instead, it was just something that you noted, but it didn’t steer or cause bias.

In other words, it has a lot to do with allowing the aspects of the dragon’s energy to change and to be however it needs to be, and not having to orient yourself in correlation to it. It’s always inside of you. It’s a hard dream to describe.

Jeane: It also feels like I have a slight attachment because I feel there’s some invisible battle that goes on where the dragons are helpful at that level, or could be, but it’s something that’s not seen by everyone.

John: If you go look at fables and legends of dragons there are the stories of how the gods, or dragons, or the higher forces argue about how things should be for humans. What goes on, on the higher levels, does affect our world, particularly when we gain an awareness of it.

For more on this, see Ancient Knowings.

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