Ancient Knowings

Jeane: So, in the next dream it seems as though I’ve been working in a fairly ordinary place, but I’m leaving now and returning to an office where I worked previously. As I leave, one or two people express how they’d like to be hired by the company, too. My thought is that I will mention it to the people there, if they’re hiring. If then feels like when I do mention it, they really don’t want to hire someone from another local agency. There doesn’t seem to be much I can do to change that.

Meanwhile, I’m pretty busy and I’m on call, which means I have to handle emergencies that come up. I’ve gone over to the hospital and I notice that someone is there that I used to work with, who’s disabled, who’s calling to me that he’s in the hospital.

At one point I go into a cafeteria and I’m aware that this person I used to work with is hospitalized but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to visit him even though I’m in the same building. I don’t even know what my schedule is yet or if I’m scheduled to see anyone. It’s like I’m not sure what I have time for.

John: You’re transitioning to something that creates more fluidity and overallness in your nature, and it’s a part of you that you’re coming back to that you’ve been removed from. When you come back to something, you have to determine all over again just what you can take in, in an overall sense.

That’s a better way of looking at it than we saw in your previous dream (see Dragonwyck) with the dragons. You’re looking at things in this dream with a greater overall perspective, where we see you have other responsibilities, other memories, and other clients. You’re leaving the more ordinary workplace to open up even greater energies. In other words, you’re finding something inside yourself that’s meant to open up to a greater dimension.

In your previous dream, the dragons represented your recognition of what is taking place on the other side – the side of things that not too many people see. The dragons show some sort of intuitive recognition in terms of what has been put in motion and what is taking place. They are a power that influences from behind the veils of life, and you’ve learned how to be okay with them in a very particular way.

Now that particular way has changed, and this dream pulls it all together. It could seem confusing otherwise, but when you look at these dreams together it shows that you are able to take on more, represent more, and you find yourself returning as a more complete person who is more comfortable with themselves.

What’s awkward in the prior dream is that you are caused to let go of wanting things to be set in certain ways. That’s actually amazing all by itself. I mean, it’s showing you the ability to recognize that something more is going on from the energy perspective. And now you are further shown that it can be brought back into your life in a much more opened up way.

In your prior dream you were able to put on a suit of some kind and float with the dragons, but you were still caught up in things. Now you’re freer, and when you’re freer, you are able to open up to greater responsibilities and awareness.

Increasing your clarity and consciousness leads to greater and greater degrees of responsibility. Your ability to notice more about things, to have greater insight, puts a responsibility on you. When a person is blind to what is going on around them, then they can’t be held responsible in the same way.

So, it’s actually an amazing thing to take shamanic energy and shape something. But you don’t want to fall into a repetitive pattern with it – you don’t want to limit it in that way.

You’re seeing that for something more to occur, and for you to take on a greater dimension in terms of yourself, you’re meant to recognize whatis ancient inside of you, and you’re coming back to that. You have to ease up on how you’re holding on to the dragon energy, so that it can be released and free to function in many more ways.

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