The Review

Jeane: In this next dream I’ve gone back to New York to visit some people that used to lead seminars there. It’s a husband and wife and I’m visiting their home.

I notice that to one side is a man who has been invited to an evening preview where one could register for their seminar; he’s not sure whether to go or not and I’m staying neutral. I don’t know whether it’s right for him or not, so I don’t offer an opinion. I just observe.

Then I go into the home where the husband and wife are living and I find them in a room that’s a little cluttered and they’re sorting through some things. The husband actually finds a souvenir book from somewhere they’ve visited, with pictures, and he has brought that over to show me because it’s a touching time with some good memories.

John: You’ve been to the seminar before?

Jeane: Yes, a long time ago.

John: So, you don’t need to go again?

Jeane: No.

John: But the seminar leader comes up to you and shows you the picture book?

Jeane: Right.

John: But also in the area is a man who is considering going to the seminar, but doesn’t?

Jeane: I don’t think he does.  I don’t know.

John: Okay. That’s interesting because that’s saying that you have an understanding of something, and you can be shown something, but can you hold onto it? Because a part of you hasn’t actually gone to it (the other man in the dream), or wasn’t attentive during it, and it’s a masculine part of yourself. So what does that mean?

What does that imply in terms of the previous dreams from the same night? One thing is for sure and that’s that the loudness of what you are processing is dissipating. There’s something very loud about having dragons flying about energetically. Next, when you leave the dragons behind, and the energy is more fluid, it enables you to go back to something innate and deeper inside of you.

You then are able to relate to that and find that there’s more there than you had realized because you had been off on a tangent – you had taken some aspect of your awareness off to one side and leaned on it. Now you’re back, and no longer leaning on it, so your world is opening up again.

Doesn’t this final dream just repeat all of that? It just uses another set of images in which to repeat it. It’s an image in which you have taken the seminar – which means that you are also the seminar leader – and that you can show yourself stuff, but there’s a part of you that refuses to actually participate in the class. It’s showing that a part of you is holding back. Since it’s the masculine part of you that’s holding back, it’s the part that has to do with retaining the inflections of what you have learned or understood.

The space that all of this is going on in is a space that’s very still. To talk about the space is to try to define something, and this space speaks for itself.

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