In Plain Sight

John: So, what’s the meaning of the dream described in Hide and Seek? First of all, the scene shows me hiding right in the middle the trail that my pursuer is using, and even though I’m right there, I’m not exactly visible. But my presence there is knowable by sense and intuition – by the vibrational feel.

So, by hiding on the path and working with the energetic of the hidden, it represents a kind of playing with the other side. There’s a type of magic to it, and there’s also a “red herring” element in the way the energy is being portrayed.

A red herring is an attempt to divert attention by offering up a seemingly obvious choice so you’ll miss the real aspect. So I’m lying right in the path, but under the straw. It should be obvious, but I’m counting on the limited senses of my pursuer to help me get away with it.

In order for this trick to work, the result has to be in accordance with a larger purpose of the Creator and Creation. In other words, that larger purpose makes the decision. It instinctively or intuitively knows, and I have to trust in my natural sensitivity and awareness.

If I don’t have that trust, then I will try to affect the way the scene unfolds – between my hiddenness and my pursuer. When I do that, I will change the energy of the situation, and thereby create something that is much more perceivable.

So, how is it possible that I might pull this off and escape? What I need to do is trust in life in a consciously energetic way; I need to embrace that. It’s about trusting Creation.

The rider of the horse that’s pursuing me is using his senses and his mind, but the horse has a different kind of awareness – it’s connected to life. In this dream it’s not the rider that will find me but the horse that can give me away. Yet because of it’s natural connection, the horse will know that something is under the path and will just step around it.

To give an example of this, people have seen a small baby crawl out amongst wild horses, just crawl around between their hooves. The horses walk around the baby and never step on it, because the baby’s in a state of total innocence and they’re in a state of knowing.

The real danger is when the mother becomes aware that her baby is out there and her stress and alarm upsets the naturalness. These are wild horses and yet the baby is perfectly safe because the baby is in a state of a natural innocence.

So for me to be successful in my hiding under the straw, I need that natural innocence. I need to remain uncontaminated about what is going on, and give up completely any idea of controlling the situation. I need to stay in a natural state or I could get hurt.

To say it another way, “I must support what is invisibly visible, because if it is made visible, it won’t happen.” This is a level of awareness that I’m generally not that familiar with. On this level, energy relates to itself directly as a vibration within Creation. It doesn’t have the denser outer awareness, because that would disrupt the process. I just need to lie there and trust in Creation.

When I woke up with this dream I wrote, “To properly work with the inner awareness, it’s necessary to not compromise life by dwelling upon what one sees.” In other words, people who walk around in their unawareness are almost better off, because if you have some awareness and think you can actually affect things, you can upset the natural balance and create more damage.

So, the key is to keep one’s actions innocent. For our actions to be innocent, the personal connections – and personal interest – must be set aside. When there is no ripple effect that is visible, in terms of the overall, then there is no disturbing the naturalness.

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