Step Out of the Car

Jeane: My dreams are not complete, but in one I feel like I’m traveling down a highway. It’s sunny. I don’t really feel like I’m in a vehicle. I’m traveling and I seem to be helping someone else who’s traveling. I’ve stopped to check things out because as people travel, somehow the distance they traveled has been put into a computer file that I can see in the sky – it’s right there.

Some of these files have been mixed in with other files, and as the people embark on the next part of their journey, I’m trying to sort the files out by opening them up. Its seems as though some miles from their journey have been put in the wrong files, or in separate files, that aren’t connected to the other parts of their journey.

So I’m trying to sort this out now. I’d think that if someone were traveling along one road, that everything from that journey would be stored in one file, or in one column. It hasn’t been done that way and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I’m trying to get the miles sorted out before they continue on down the road.

John: That’s a pretty interesting dream because what you’re describing is a quality of how your overallness is opening up. The issue in the dream world, or the theme in this dream world, was to link up, and see yourself linked up, in regards to your greater overallness.

The different travelers, and different files for their journeys, are like levels inside of you. They reflect the way you have ordered things and made distinctions about your personal journey. So the dream shows that you are trying to bring the unfoldment of all those separate journeys into a proper order within your overallness.

But in this particular case, you don’t seem to have a vehicle, even though you are moving, and the vehicle would represent you. So there’s an issue of self-identity that is limiting or confusing the way these files can be organized.

So, instead, you find yourself traveling without a vehicle and unable to quite order things in terms of your self-identity. But that’s okay, because we are all inclined to see ourselves in a certain way, but we are really meant to shift out of that self-image and into a bigger picture, into a more universal context, of what is going on. To attain that, you have to step out of your normal “vehicle,” away from your previous way of ordering things, and find a new order based on a relationship more in tune with the universal.

So the dream shows that you are ready, or at least are trying, to do that. Do you see? That’s quite a dream!

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