The Work Goes On

Jeane: So, in the next dream all I pulled out was a fragment and it feels like I’m leading a woman down a road. I mean, at least she’s following me. She wants to get somewhere. It feels like we’re heading to some city and I know how to get there.

I guess I’ve been there before. Then we come to a bridge and it’s an odd bridge because on the left side it’s a footbridge, and then on the right there’s a part that’s cut out and you can actually jump down into the water there. I take something over and drop it in the water. Although it’s shaped like a rock, you can see pictures in it. I then retrieve it from the water and show it to the woman with me. In doing that I have to immerse myself in the water and come out again.

Then it seems as if there’s some uncertainty or fear about which way we should go next. I have a sense at this point that we could get in the water either from the top of the bridge, or from somewhere under the bridge, and travel down to the city where we’re going,

There are other ways to travel to the city, too, but it feels like this woman is wary of all our options for taking the next step, and so we’re discussing it. I’m thinking, okay, which way do we go now? I get in the water as a way to encourage her, but she’s kind of standing there. She’s reluctant about this next step.

John: Now what you’re talking about is being able to come to grips with some aspect of a depth inside of you. You’ve gone from a dream that shows that there is a greater overallness that can be accessed, back to the fact that you are still hesitant to really let go and face what is in front of you.

What you are still clinging to is what is in your unconscious (symbolized by the water), that has been shaped by your actions in the outer world over a lifetime. But to continue your journey your life must be redeemed from this unconscious state, or transformed back, by coming back out of the water.

For you to get beyond the dense effects of the outer life upon your nature, you need to make this transition. This is a very important part of the process. A person’s ability to experience the world from a more universal context has to be continually challenged to prevent them from falling into any kind of spiritual illusion.

It’s a way of keeping a person from being carried away to the point where they let go of the responsibility of it, in terms of a greater unfoldment that is possible in physical existence. So you are being challenged to look at many different aspects of yourself – and to know exactly which aspects your dream image refers to takes great discernment – that you might be inclined to avoid. You may not want to face them, but the journey must be made with those parts, too.

You are required to go into the depths of your unconscious, and by doing so continually redeem more and more aspects of yourself. There may already be aspects that have been redeemed enough to understand and experience the greater connection and overallness of the world, but development is a journey for the totality of you. You must bring forward what you want to take with you, and also have the awareness to leave behind what you don’t want to take with you. Those aspects can’t just be forgotten or ignored, they must be faced before they can be carried forward or let go.

So you don’t want to break the linkage – the linkage is important. The work on yourself always has to continue.

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