Between Two Worlds

Jeane: The best way I can describe the next dream is that I’m with some people in a place that feels like a way station. In other words, it’s along a road where people have stopped before continuing their journey.

Now, at this way station there’s a little building, and I’m going back and forth between a room at one end – where there’s a woman who is with a man – and a room at the other end, which somehow represents a prior relationship this woman has been in.

In fact this whole journey of hers has to do with the fact that she had been planning to get married to a different man, but the relationship broke off because he was pretty rascally. There are other people who come through the station building that seem to know about this relationship, and everybody has their own thoughts about it because evidently he had a pretty bad reputation.

The man she is with now doesn’t seem to know anything about this. So, I’m going back and forth between the two rooms, representing her present and her past. The room where the woman is with her new man opens out into the main room of this way station.

In the last scene of this dream, I have gone back to the first room (that represents her old relationship), and discovered some mail there. Among the mail are some letters that were written to her because she was getting married.

I’m looking at some of these notes, and even opening some of them, and I’m going to take them to her. At the same time I realize her new relationship won’t understand that much about any of this, but she doesn’t need to tell him (I feel). But even if she tells him he won’t really understand it because he didn’t really have any experience of the other man.

John: So, this third dream of the night picks up on the dynamics of the first and second dreams and looks at them and says, between these two points is a way station. In other words, there is a place where things are happening in a universal way, and where things are also happening in a personal way.

On one hand, when something affects you in a personal way, you sit and wonder about it. You contemplate a specific relationship, yet part of you also recognizes other aspects that are coming in, and knows that they cannot necessarily be explained in the same personal way.

It’s like having one foot in one world, and the other foot in another world simultaneously, which is really the way we are. So, this dream is taking this back-and-forth that goes on between how you sees things on a personal and psychological level, which can require you to face certain aspects of yourself, and yet can also give you a glimpse of the overallness, because you’re a component of everything in life.

So the dream is saying that each has its component role in terms of all the levels of you, and that you need to have one foot in the physical world and one foot in the heavens, or in the overallness.

That, then, can become a source for redemption and forgiveness, and also enable a change toward the greater purposes of the overallness. It’s like a light that comes down into your awareness. It’s a light that comes right down and sees its corollary, i.e., your personal aspect in the microcosm, and it creates the linkage between them. That linkage allows for something to be changed.

If you look at everything from the perspective of reaching out to the universal, and deny the personal, then you’re sacrificing something. You’re suppressing something that’s necessary in terms of having a rootedness within creation.

If you only experience the rootedness of creation, i.e., the egocentric life, then you’re not accessing the greater levels of beingness that you’re meant to catch up with. Interestingly, you are actually giving yourself permission in this dream to recognize both places, rather than the tendency to acknowledge only one.

So there is both the separation and the overallness that we contend with. Yet we have to settle to the separation, and at the same time recognize what is universal. That’s the drama of life in terms of accepting, and growing towards, god.

One has to always be reminded of this balance because it’s tempting to want to vault completely in one direction or the other. Especially with dreams, where the tendency is to always look to see what they mean against what’s happening in our outer, daily lives, rather than seeing in them a reflection, or status report, of our inner lives.

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