Keeping the Link

John: In this dream I find myself trusting in a process and I will not question it once I have seen what I need to see. This, again, has to do with the importance of the inner coming into the outer. The outer has its effect, too, but you’ve got to be careful that you don’t get lost in that because then you’ll never recognize the inner.

In this dream I have recognized the qualities of a particular woman whom others have issues with in terms of her role. They have issues with her because she’s so powerful. Yet when I see her power, I see that it’s well placed and there’s a beauty in that; those who can’t see that have mixed feelings about her.

I see her and how she comes across. I can see what others are talking about, but I’m not affected because I appreciate how she is conducting herself as a person. I know that I’m not going to buy into the lesser concerns and anxieties of others.

So I’ve seen what I need to see, for myself, and I’m able to act accordingly. This is an interesting type of seeing because I can look back even now and know that there was no dialogue or communication between the two of us; in one glance I could see how she carries herself with a knowingness and a certain clarity.

It’s like the look of the teacher that can penetrate your being and you know that you have to trust it. There is a resonance that is unshakably noted, that doesn’t require proof or explanation. Even if trusting it were to have consequences (meaning that if something were to unfold in some way that you are not even anticipating), the fact is you’re okay with whatever occurs. This is because the effect is correlated with how I know I am meant to be.

This knowing established a link to an inner guidance. So there are two levels at play: one level deals with the issues of the outer life, and another that recognizes what is unfolding from within. Then the “change agent” between those two can be revealed.

So, the outer aspect of the dream has to do with being at an airport – I’m leaving and another man is arriving – and there is time before my flight is to leave. The person arriving is going to take over for me when I leave. I’m tending to last minute details.

The other man’s wife comes up to me and is a little paranoid and worried, and she asks if I shouldn’t be doing something more with regard to her husband’s arrival. I’m there, and even though I have no control of the flight coming in, I just know what’s designed to happen.

From her perspective, she’s concerned that he may have missed the flight, but from a rational view, what could I do about that? But I glance within, at the more knowingness state (which has to do with a feminine essence), and tell her everything will be okay.

I can say that because I am able to touch what is moving inside me from the depth that I connected to when I saw this other woman. I won’t let the man’s wife disorient or affect my surety. That is what I must do in order to honor my surrender to the transitioning (between one level and the other).

I say to the concerned wife, “Everything’s okay. I know that when I must leave, he will be here.” I just automatically reassure her; it’s the tone in my voice that’s supposed to stabilize things. I know that when I do leave, her husband and I will be like two passing ships. I will nod at him because there isn’t anything more to say. He has to do what he has to do, and I go on.

When clarity and knowingness touches the essence of one’s being, and when it is not doubted, there’s a mindfulness that comes along with it. In other words, it comes to a point where you recognize how to discern between the two dynamics, of the outer and the inner.

So ultimately this dream is about recognizing a bigger picture in life. You aren’t going to be able to do that if you’re still dwelling upon the idiosyncrasies of yourself, or petty annoyances and personal concerns. Once, that was all you could do, but now you have to be able to take that into account along with the essential aspect of the greater part of the spiritual path.

So, one is in the physical world, and part of it, and that can never be discounted. But to dwell exclusively in the physical realms forsakes the bigger picture, and inhibits it from unfolding.

When little things come up in daily life, they can jolt our attention away from being able to hold onto a space, or an energetic wholeness, that we’re meant to always carry. We’re meant to maintain the linkage between the two levels, as a facilitator of pulling down the higher into the lower.

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