Soul Wisdom

John: What I wrote up last night was very interesting in terms of subtle, personal psychological dynamics in the dream, that could be looked at as being separate from the way of overallness, from life. Those psychological dynamics make sense because they are a part of me. However, to dwell too much in the micro event is to lose the macro effect: a connectivity that goes beyond me to a more universal overallness. At that level, the dream portrays how it is that things now exist in relationship to a deeper beauty that has been affected in terms of its natural consciousness. In other words, it’s kind of a summing up of things at a given point in time.

In the dream, I am going fishing with a friend. It’s late in the season and the flow of the water is very calm and slow, and that’s when it’s fishable, but the weather conditions are hot and clammy. The weather isn’t really enjoyable, plus the river flows so slowly that I can’t help but wonder if the fish are really that healthy because, you know, you don’t necessarily have good oxygenation and whatnot. If the river gets slow you tend catch suckers and other kinds of fish that aren’t vibrant.

So, I guess I have issues with my friend’s idea of how to fish, and where he’s taken me. The area seems cluttered with debris; there’s high water due to the spring runoff, and things are excessively muddy. So, all this leads me to go off to see if there’s a nearby waterway that’s not encumbered by debris, flooded conditions, and muddiness.

I come across a second river and to my surprise I see my friend coming. He has apparently given up on that other river. This river doesn’t have the obvious debris underneath the surface to snag up on, but the problem is it’s flowing even faster and is very, very muddy. In fact, it’s almost rapids in the way it’s flowing, so there’s no way to settle one’s fishing line to get it down to a depth below the surface. It won’t naturally drop to the depth where the fish reside, and even if it did there’s another problem.

The water is so cloudy and dirty from the speed of the flow that the fish wouldn’t be able to see the bait anyway. So, to get around this problem I start contemplating that I could put a bright object on my line that the fish are inclined to see. I quickly abandon this idea because the conditions are so bad that this probably won’t help either.

Then my friend points out another problem, one that I hadn’t noticed. We have found an agricultural area where the upland around the river has been cut, and the agriculture and the effect of what’s going on there has contaminated or disturbed the fish that live in this part of the river. This is where I wake up.

So, this dream is saying that what I am doing is not effective. I’m not able to find a balance where I’m meant to be. Everywhere I turn the conditions are obstructed. It’s either one thing or another. The weather is not conducive. The timing is wrong. The environment is not as pleasant as it needs to be. The conditions are too speeded up. I am unable to get to a depth where the fish are, and even if I am able to somehow get there the conditions are so muddy and cloudy that it will not be effective.

The point being, I need to listen quietly to find an answer that touches me from within. I am not finding the answer in the outer, so I need to approach the issue in a more refreshing and stable way. The choices available to me, at present and in the near future, do not feel right and I see limitations wherever I look.

So, then a shift happened. As I attempted to fall back asleep I rolled over and found myself shifted to something more direct from the dream. It was like being in a direct transmission, and I had the sense of something behind the dream, the true aliveness, and that the dream is just the symbolism.

Usually we see what the soul is saying from behind the dream symbols; here I was relating directly. However, because it’s so in the moment, I was unable to bring it out; so the shift of awareness was just for the moment. In other words, I can’t seem to create a recollection out of it.

This means that it’s not something that’s intended to be embodied for reflective purposes. So, I’m at a loss as to how to make this shift conscious. The whole idea of dreaming into knowing is to have what wakes up inside inflect to the point where you can carry it in your external life, but with what I experienced here, there’s no way to figure out how to tangibly recollect it.

So I can’t reflect back to it like I can a true and straightforward dream. So, this shift is to an awareness that is subtler than I am yet able to access.

So in doing dream work, we’re working with a part of ourselves on one side, and working with the symbolism and the alchemy that’s taking place, and from those two aspects we can get a sense of what is behind all that, something that’s an element of soul wisdom.

So there are veils we are trying to punch through. But when those veils fall away, then we’re connected directly into the moment, and there’s no way of switching back and forth to recollect and reflect. It just flows. If you get it, you get it; if you don’t, you don’t. It’s not an awakening. It is being awake.

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