American Idle

Jeane: In my first dream, it seems like there’s a contest like American Idol going on in the background, but there’s also a sense of real flow in the dream and it’s like I’m trying to draw a shape around the contest or something. The shape I’m drawing is rectangular, and I even put a little line right at the narrow end of it that bisects the middle of the rectangle, and then I have a name for that little line. Maybe the shape has something to do with the contest, like I’m trying to influence it. I can’t remember the name, but as I woke up I realized I was singing in my head, “Any day now, any day now, I shall be released.”

John: So the theme from last night seems to be: How does one take and conduct themselves in the outer world, when everything you do in the outer world gets contaminated?

We have to learn this slowly, in terms of letting go of the illusions of the outer world, because nothing meaningful ever happens if it correlates itself only in terms of the outer. What I mean by that is, if you are based in your personal ego, and you interact with the world around you from a place of bias, judgment, personal involvement, etc., it ultimately has no meaning, in universal terms.

What’s important is that you recognize that the reflections of the actions that you take in the outer world of your dreams have a microcosmic image to them. But they are actually depicting something else, and the key is to try to understand what they depict in a macrocosmic way. If you don’t figure out how to do that, then you don’t release yourself from the illusion of this world, because you’re not catching up with your higher-self aspects that are otherwise veiled to you. Without that connection, you may think that what you’re doing is going to lead to you being released, but it won’t.

So you have people on American Idol who are trying to do various things, thinking that this will somehow lead to a personal release, a greater personal realization. It may be fun for now, but it doesn’t really go anywhere. It’s easy to think that the outer world is the true construct of things. It’s not. The outer world can never amount to anything because it’s designed to be contaminated. Only the inner world’s are real, and uncontaminated; the outer structure of things only holds itself together for a split-second in the scheme of things. Our outer life is destined to go “poof” and dissipate.

So, in your dream you wake up with these song lyrics, implying that if you’re able to do this process properly – where everything flows through you – that you’re going to be released. On a microcosmic (personal) level you’re seeking to bring about a transformation that you feel is pent up inside you; on a macrocosmic (universal) level, to do this you have to release through the greater purpose, for all creation, that you carry within.

If you were to try to get at the crux of it, how does one do anything in life? Here you are, and you feel something awakening inside, something that you sense is more real than what you’re experiencing in the outer world. But unless you catch up with that awakening inside, you’re not setting yourself free; something just doesn’t get released from you. As long as you keep doing things in the outer that are based in the illusion of the outer, you’ll stay confused. You’ll never catch up with the crux of the matter, which is that you are trapped.

So the only way that something can be made real in the outer, and therefore the only way that you can release yourself from the veil of illusion, is by having something come through you from the inner worlds, or your higher-self world. If that something can come through you without the taint of your outer-world affiliations, then you can be fully and finally released.

So, with a dream, you observe the actions you make in the outer world scenario, but the key is to look behind that, to see what is coming in to try to help you change something in the macrocosm, in the larger picture.

Because whatever you do in the outer, if it is based in the contamination of the outer, i.e., from an ego-centric, personal experience of life, then you’re acting from a disoriented state, and you’re never going to get yourself free or clear like that. You’ll just keep going around and around in circles, without a forward development that the inner is trying to guide you through.

On the other hand, if your actions are based in something coming through you that isn’t tainted by the lower forces of the outer, i.e., judgments, biases, etc., then and only then does it actualize something new. Then, and only then, are you released.

Because in that scenario, what you have actually done is connected to, brought through, and introduced into life, something new from somewhere else. And that means you have caught up with the other levels inside yourself that are alive, and enabled them to manifest in the world. That is what we humans should be doing as a natural process.

The essence behind what manifests in the world can never be visible to the outer, because if it were visible to the outer, then the outer couldn’t exist. That’s what releases you.

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