Going Hollywood

Jeane: So, in this next dream, my boyfriend has gone out of town, really out of town – to Paris. So I go down to the city with a female friend and I go out with Jack Nicholson. However, when it comes time to go to bed at night, I go into a hotel that has a rickety old elevator. It’s a nice hotel, I think, but it has an old elevator. I go up and the room is on one of the higher floors, but it’s a very plain room; it just has a single mattress on the floor with blankets and sheets. A woman (my shadow?) also seems to be there.

So, of course, I can’t invite Jack Nicholson there. I don’t think I take him to the room. I’m supposed to see him the next day and then I’ll say goodbye, maybe have a little time with him.

The next day I leave the room and I take the elevator up to a large room where Jack will be. There is activity going on and it feels like he’s going to be there. I go over to a long banquet table filled with people, and Jack Nicholson is sitting near the end of it. He’s looking like he has a hangover, in the way that only he can look. He gives a nod toward me.

It seems like he can’t really say anything in front of all the people, and I think it’s a shame that we have to part that way. I would have liked a few minutes for us to talk.

As I turn to go, a woman gets up from a nearby table – she’s very thin and dressed all in turquoise. I recognize her as someone I knew a long time ago. She comes up and hugs me. She is so glad to see me.

There’s another woman at a table nearby who is also glad to see me. Now, one of these two women has a little girl who appears to be two-inches tall, and the other woman has a little baby boy tightly wrapped in a white cloth, and the baby is about an inch tall.

Eventually I leave and take the elevator again, which has become even more rickety. It’s descending very slowly and the door won’t even shut as it goes down. I suddenly discover that the baby and the little girl are perched on the edge of the elevator door near me.

I can tell that their parents are worried about them – they’re panicking, wondering where they are. I pick them both up and I’m holding them. I think they’re okay; I have them in my hand, kind of down by my side, when suddenly the elevator, instead of being inside the building, is invisible and on the outside of the building. It’s in a freefall and then it stops abruptly, a few feet above the ground.

The jolt knocks the little girl and baby boy out of my hand and I can’t even see them. (The shadow woman was also in the elevator with me when it was moving slowly, but disappeared as it became invisible and went into free fall.) Well, I know this would really freak out their parents.

So I get out of the elevator and I basically put my face right on the ground. I can actually feel the embrace of the earth through my cheek. I look around and call out to the little girl. I see her and she is covered with blue dust walking toward me through the grass, which is as tall as she is.

I ask her if she can help me find the baby. I sense that the baby is okay because it’s all wrapped up in a bundle, but I want to get both kids together before their parents come. Once the little girl came to me, I knew we would find the baby boy and that he would be okay.

Then I wake up. That was the whole dream.

Hmm, interesting. Tomorrow we will examine what can be understood from this strange scenario!

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