Nurturing the Relationship

John: Well, your dream yesterday (see Going Hollywood) begins with you having lost your connection with your boyfriend, which symbolizes, in this instance “the beloved.” Once the linkage with the beloved is dropped, then you’re basically on your own, designing whatever experience seems to be the most appealing or the most interesting to you.

But because you’ve had a connection to something greater (the beloved) none of your actions amount to anything, no matter how hard you try. In trying to do it “your way” – as if you really have the freedom to do as you like – you realize that you don’t have anything to offer that you can cause, or make, happen.

Even though the new “beloved” (Jack Nicholson) looks interesting conceptually, you can’t make it happen, you’re unable to sell it to yourself. When you realize this, you wonder about it, and in the wondering you realize that, in order for something to occur, it’s going to have to be something that has a degree of relatability in the physical world. In other words, it has to occur outside of how you perceive yourself.

So, when you had a connection with something that was like the beloved, inside of you, you had a certain awareness of it. Any attempt to try to recreate that on your own won’t work. Ultimately, what you’re meant to be shown, or to see, about that is an acknowledgment that what is awakening in the outer is something divine, or something distinct from the limitations of the ways of the outer world. The dream shows you being able to perceive that when you connect with the little girl and the baby boy.

That is the beginning of what is real. Now, what do that little girl and baby boy really represent? They are a quality of the divine that’s inside your heart, which you can catch up with. If you catch up with that divine quality, that’s what gives life meaning, because that is what is real. Everything else that goes on in the outer world (of your dream) – the elevator, the hotel room, the crowd of people, is just presented to try to distract you from that. So, if you can keep your attention on the idea that you’re coming back to this divine quality (that you were separated from at the beginning of the dream), a feeling of closeness emerges in recognition of that.

If you didn’t know any better, you would be trying to make the best out of your relationship with things in the outer world, and would be continually going around and around, driven by the sense that you can’t catch up with it or you don’t recognize it. But in the dream you do know better, and therefore whatever it is that you try to do, or see yourself doing, to make something happen in the outer on a relatability-level (because the feminine has to take everything into account like she is the container), isn’t really acceptable to you.

Within your heart of hearts, you recognize that something is trying to emerge. So you find yourself having the responsibility of caring for the little girl and baby boy – in the final analysis, that’s the only thing that can make the connection you’re interested in. And the little girl and boy are tiny, and it is your journey to protect them and allow them to grow, rather than putting your efforts into the growth of the outer world, i.e., appearances and relationships based only in the material world. You can see that, even though nobody else you come across can see that. It may not fit for everyone in the world, but it fits for you, because you know that this is how you’re supposed to be.

In other words, it’s kind of like going back to basics. You’ve gotten an idea of how something inside of you works as a relationship, as a beloved trait, and now you can’t settle for anything in the outer that doesn’t include that. You’ve gone back to that world and you’ve tried to do without it, but you’ve seen that all of the plans or intentions that you pull together might be curious and interesting, yet they all leave something to be desired – they’re empty relationships. They don’t compare with what you have already been touched by, i.e., the beloved.

So, the scenes unfold in the dream as a somewhat distraught state, because the universe is not happy when you seek to take it on by yourself, i.e., you get no outside help and things don’t come together smoothly. This is a very Sufi-oriented dream, because there comes a point where you suddenly see that there’s something inside of you that’s like a little person, which needs to be cared for and nurtured. The dream shows you that that is where your attention needs to be.

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