Special Ops

John: In my first dream, I am working with three cohorts, behind the scenes. We are working to change the established way of doing things, but we are up against strong resistance from the “powers that be.”

We do manage to effect some change in the way things are being done, but that action has created a higher visibility for us. Whenever you create a change, you also create a visibility. So my cohorts are now out in the open, which means that anything else we try will be exposed to greater scrutiny and greater resistance. The knowledge of our workings could allow others to strike back against us and do damage.

Basically, we had been operating under the radar, but now our cover is blown. I can sense that this awareness of our actions could be sowing the seeds of our own destruction. When a vibrational energy becomes manifest in the outer, it gives rise to the energies that will try to resist it, or try to stop it.

I initially talk to my cohorts and I say, “Well, we can’t do anything more here because we’re exposed. If we try to do more we’ll risk attack and the whole thing will fall apart.” So, rather than risk a surprise attack, I suggest that we go into another hidden location. So we have a van that we have to move to a place that’s less accessible.

Now within the context of the idea that, in a journey of spiritual development, it’s important to bring the inner connections and guidance into the outer world (into physical life), how do you do that without, at some point, creating a noticeable appearance? Because what appears in the physical world immediately begins to lose the potency it had in the inner state, so it begins to decay, or corrupt in a certain way.

So the idea is to figure out how to allow something from the higher, inner realms to manifest, but without it being something that the establishment can rally against and try to destroy. How do you allow this new manifestation to have a real lasting effect, rather than becoming just another mess? How do you allow it to cause something really wonderful to take place, rather than it becoming just another widget in the machine?

So in this dream, the best solution I could come up with was the idea to reposition ourselves, in terms of our headquarters, so that from the new position we could not be attacked. If what resists us doesn’t have a clear idea of what they are fighting against, they won’t have enough information to strike back upon what is trying to create the change. Subtly, then, change can continue to take place.

Part of the idea is that you don’t want the new changes that are being introduced to be swallowed up in the existing structures, where they will lose their potency and become part of the machine. That’s what happens in big governments, big corporations, and big religions. They all have a construct that’s designed to keep things status quo.

So whether we are speaking of making changes in the society and culture around us, or within our selves through spiritual development, it’s the same mechanism. Old habits die hard, and new efforts can lose their potency when they become absorbed in the established mix of things. In both scenarios it requires care and finesse to allow any change to blossom fully.

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